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About Us


Our Mission

We strive to create a strong community that fosters meaningful connections among the youth and facilitators who are attending our programming. These connections help to create a safe space for young people to gather and discuss a variety of topics that pertain to their mental and physical wellbeing including empowerment, self love and social justice work. We believe that everyone deserves to have a place to call their own, to feel like they belong to something special and to be able to grow from an environment that nurtures an inclusive and accessible atmosphere. This is why we have created our program to be free of charge with the intention of making it as accessible as possible to help young people build their confidence and learn new skills that they can take forward into their future.


Our Values

Our core values set the tone for the quality of service that we provide the community and the outcome that will be received. We believe our values including empathy, community, compassion, inclusion and authenticity are key to being successful in helping women of all ages to feel like they can make a difference in the life of not only their own but in others as well, that they belong to something meaningful and that they are beautiful and can do anything they put their minds to.

Our vision is to create a strong community of women who are able to learn and grow from one anothers mistakes and successes. We would also love to connect individuals together who may not have known each other before so that they can both learn from one another and have someone they can rely on. Additionally, we would like to solidify and expand our programming platform so that we may reach a larger audience of individuals who may benefit from the services we provide.


Our Vision