Let's Talk About Self-Criticism

It is so easy to be critical of ourselves in every aspect because let’s face it, we are indeed our own worst critic. As humans, it’s something that we’re naturally going to do but we have to stop it in its tracks and say NO to harsh self-criticism. Here are some ways we can be a little less self-critical and a little bit more loving of ourselves:

1. See the Good Give yourself some credit and stop focusing on the negatives and embrace the positives in life. Actively try to turn your negative thoughts and actions into positive ones before they even happen. Every situation has a bright side and although it might take some searching to find it, it’s there.

2. Set Reasonable Expectations The reasonable thing to do when you’re not happy with something in your life is to change it. Sounds easy enough, right? Unfortunately, laziness and procrastination can kick in, halting us from making any change whatsoever. That’s where you need to kick laziness in the butt and get proactive. You can do this by setting goals and reasonable expectations. You know what you’re capable of, so instead of shooting way too high and being disappointed, set expectations you know you can meet and gradually work up from there

3. Accept That Failure is a Part of Life You can’t be perfect at everything on the first try. So instead of being angry with yourself, realize that failing is not a sign of weakness but a sign that you’re human and you still have some growing to do.

4. Check in With Yourself Make time to reflect on your actions and behaviours and ask yourself what you could’ve done better and congratulate yourself on what you did well. It’s so important to acknowledge your achievements and actually own them!! If it helps you to make things real, write down a list of your accomplishments and read them back everyday to remind yourself how awesome you are.

5. Laugh at Yourself If you’re filled with negativity and self-pity, odds are it’s going to be pretty challenging to loosen up and see the funny side. This is the key to getting comfortable with yourself when you’re alone and with others. When you laugh, not only is it a joyful experience, laughing actually releases feel-good endorphins, which can make us feel more positive Remember, it’s okay to be critical of ourselves. If we weren’t, we probably wouldn’t have any motivation to learn or grow. Just remember to focus on how to do it positively.

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