Breakups Aren’t Always So Bad.

Break-ups are hard.

When it comes to down to it, you can turn into a better version of yourself - a version that can help us realize we are better off without having that pressure 24/7. Yes - it will hurt!

A breakup is a like a fresh wound: it will hurt at first, but through the healing process, it gets better. When you're going through a tough time, you want to scream, cry and eat as much ice cream as you can. You may even sit on the couch watching a movie about a girl who was able to be happy after a nasty breakup, and you may sit and wonder, “this should be me! This is not fair!"

It can be you!

A breakup can lead to many good things along the way, such as creating a better version of yourself, discovering new hobbies and even taking control of what you want. Learning that you don’t need that one person in your life when you have your own self will be worth it. Going out searching for a new version of yourself isn’t easy, and shouldn’t be pushed upon either.

Seeking a Better Version of Yourself After a Breakup:

Only you can recognize the best version of yourself, no one else: The only possible way to realize that you want to change is when you're ready to. Don’t let people tell you who you should be - it’s about you, not them.

Short cuts are not the way to go: This is a timely process, and isn’t something that happens over night, especially after a breakup. It takes time to re-build yourself back up.

Find a productive activity: Finding something to keep your mind clear is very helpful. This can be reading, painting, dancing, or whatever you come up with. You can help yourself take a break and relax.

Avoid contact with your ex: This is not saying all people struggle with wanting to contact their exes, but most people do. It is easier to take a break from talking to the one that hurt you. Even if you agree to be friends in the end, it is best to focus on yourself for a bit.

Try new things: It is very exciting to try new things when building yourself back up - it gives you some sort of control in your life. You could try a new food, a new hairstyle, anything to keep your mind clear!

Confidence: Confidence is a major key in this whole process. As we sometimes like to shadow ourselves when we get hurt, it is best to keep your head up high and forget about the negativity that may come your way. Be strong and confident in who you are, remember that things happen for a reason.

Don’t shut out your feelings: Shutting out your feelings is never the answer. It is okay to feel sad, mad, or confused...we are all human beings. If you don’t want to talk to someone about how you're feeling, you could write down your feelings. It is best to express your feelings than keep them bundled inside.

We have all been hurt. We have all been through pain and knocked down. But, we are all strong and can get through tough times when we realize that we are worth so much more. Sometimes, all just need a little push.

Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. -Marylin Monroe

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