Seasonal Depression

I would like to start out by saying I am not a medical professional. This is not a diagnosis – these are observations I have taken throughout struggling with mental health. Please talk to a doctor or counsellor if you want a diagnosis!!

Everyone has heard of it. Seasonal depression. It usually happens during the winter because it is so dark and cold and you are stuck in your house being sad because, again, it’s disgusting outside. But did you know it can effect us in all seasons?

This sounds confusing, but during winter, due to the lack of sun and warmth, many people tend to become depressed. But have you ever noticed on a rainy day, you are grumpy or feel a lack of motivation? This could be seasonal depression. Due to the lack of sun and the nasty weather, people feel isolated because it feels like there's less to do. How can you tell the difference between seasonal depression and depression depression? Here’s how: there is a joke that went around a while ago that went like this – “Spring! The time for us with depression to find out if it is seasonal depression or depression depression.”

I thought this was hilarious because it is true! Simply feeling depressed in crappy weather is a sign of seasonal depression. If symptoms of depression continue all year round, this could be a sign of a depressive disorder. You can tell by talking to a therapist. Tell them about all your symptoms and where they occur the most.

Seasonal depression is a serious thing, and it actually affects a lot of us. Some ways you can cope with seasonal depression are:

• Burning a candle that reminds you of your favourite season

• Getting outside and try to find amazing things about the current weather conditions

• Keeping yourself occupied with fun activities like sledding, watching Netflix or even baking yummy treats!

Seasonal depression can turn into a depressive disorder so please talk to a medical professional for guidance!

Written by: Jordan Durno

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