Making Mornings Great

As many of you know, mornings suck! You have to get up from sleep (or get up from no sleep) to rush around and go to your boring job or sit through classes you don’t really care about.

What if there were a way to make mornings an amazing part of the day? Well, I have some great news for you –there is! From personal experience, getting up in the morning was really hard when my bed was so warm and cozy, or when I was just simply in a bad mood. I started to make some life style changes and introduced some new things in my life to make mornings amazing – I actually wanted to get up in the morning because I was so excited for the day! In this article, I will tell you some pretty cool stuff about how you can become a morning person.

For starters, mornings can’t happen without a night. There are many things you can do at night to help you love the next morning:

1. Put away your phone two hours before bed. I know what your thinking – "Is this girl crazy?!" But I noticed the benefit of putting it down. By putting my phone down before bed, I was able to "unplug" from a lot of the stress in my life such as social media posts, news, finances, and flawlessly sending the perfect text. By simply putting your phone away, you also help yourself relax. You can find something else to do like read, journal or even doodle. You can spend some time on yourself instead of worrying about others.

2. Create a bedtime routine. This is actually beneficial to the brain to fall into a good sleep. By making a routine before bed, your brain realizes that "yes, this is time for me to shut up, now I get it!!" Your brain knows to start powering down and that it’s time to sleep when you do this routine.

3. Journal. This is the easiest one to do! Simply writing out the events that occurred in your day helps your brain let it all go and relax. You don’t have to have a fancy journal – you can just get one from the dollar store. You can write out the events in your day, what you’re grateful for, or even what you had for breakfast!

4. Plan out the next day. Writing a to-do list for the next day, picking your outfit, and planning breakfast is really helpful to get you excited for the next day. I know when I pick out a fly outfit for the next day, I am so excited to get up. Or when I look up an amazing recipe for peanut butter French toast (yeah it’s real, and messy!) I get so ready to devour it in the morning. By writing a to-do list, your brain doesn’t start overthinking how to vacuum your house at 4:00 am.

5. Read! Reading is an amazing way to tire yourself out before going to bed. It gives you a break from reality and it helps you think of cool adventures to put in your dreams.

Now it comes to the actual morning part! There are plenty of things to do in the morning so you will love every moment of it:

1. Make your bed. This one is so important. By making your bed you feel more in control of your life. You feel more organized and ready for the day.

2. Instead of playing on your phone first thing in the morning, pick up your book! This is a really good one because your body needs to slowly get up in the morning.

3. Check your to-do list. This is a quick reminder that you can get through the day and that you are in control.

4. Stay in your PJs as long as possible. Allowing yourself to stay in your comfy clothes as long as possible is self-explanatory. If you are comfy, you will like your morning!

5. Make a morning routine. Routines are always amazing because they help you feel in control and more relaxed. You know what comes next instead of running around at 8:30 in the morning.

That’s basically it! It’s pretty simple and finally you will be able to enjoy your morning. There is one more thing to do, though. Change your "this sucks" to "this is amazing!" This is simply done by changing your mindset to think of the positives. Maybe sit silently and try to hear the birds sing, or pet your cat and hear it purr! There are so many positive in the morning! You just got to find them.

Written by: Jordan Durno

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