Introducing Em Burton

Get to know us! We’re reintroducing ourselves – from our contributors to our co-founder and CEO!

Name: (Dr.) Em Burton

Job Title: Doctor of Chiropractic

Hometown: Fairborn, Ohio! USA baby, and currently awaiting results for my permanent resident application to join my partner in Kelowna, BC.

Favourite snack: Cucumber salad! – Sliced cucumbers with vegan mayo, ACV, S+P and fresh dill from the garden 😋

Go-to karaoke song: Mr. Brightside

What makes you smile: Morning snuggles with my pup, Stella! Or generally anything she does because she’s such a goof.

How are you embracing the real you?: I think when related to health specifically (general health, mental health, reproductive health, etc.) women have lost a bit of their power over their choices and their bodies. I believe that each of us should be in charge of our own health and wellness choices, and that in doing so we will ultimately feel more empowered and fulfilled. Our bodies are amazing vessels capable of so much – and it is one of my goals to help women realize and appreciate that innate capability within themselves! I embrace the real me by letting my body express it’s innate potential every single day.

#whoweare #brandblog #emburton

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