Introducing Béatrice Légasse

Get to know us! We’re reintroducing ourselves – from our contributors to our co-founder and CEO!

Name: Béatrice Légasse

Job Title: Still a student!

Hometown: Quebec, Quebec

School/Programme: Just finished high school (finally!), so I’m going to college next year and I’ll be doing a double DEC – which means that after three years I will have two diplomas, one in social sciences and one in sciences.

Favourite snack: I really have a thing for croissants. I still don’t know why, but I could eat those every day of the week and I’d be the happiest girl alive.

Go-to karaoke song: Definitely an ABBA song. It just puts everyone in a good mood and it’s not complicated to sing. If I had to pick one, I’d choose "Dancing Queen." The best part is, there is usually not a single soul that doesn’t know it so no one really hears me sing over everyone screaming the lyrics.

What does Ethereal mean to you?: The world ethereal means a lot to me, even more so than before because I now associate it with this wonderful company and the beautiful souls I’ve met because of it. Ethereal is all about light and and strength. I think it represents the kind of beauty that can be found through anything, even darkness, the kind that lifts your spirits up and makes you happy.

Written by: Béatrice Légasse

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