Introducing Megan McKague

Get to know us! We’re reintroducing ourselves – from our contributors to our co-founder and CEO!

Name: Megan McKague, also known as Meg

Job Title: I’m a contributor for Ethereal & Co.

Hometown: Cobourg, Ontario

School/Programme: Just graduated with a degree in English Literature from University of Ottawa (woohoo!)

Favourite snack: I’m not technically a millennial, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t spend a good amount of money on some avocado-style snacks. Honestly, I’m very much a foodie, so I love trying new foods too, especially when travelling, but the avocado is a good ol’ reliable superfood.

Best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn: I have a few good ones actually. Costume design is something I’ve always had a lot of fun doing. When I was in elementary school, my friends and I made our costumes from scratch and dressed up as a McDonald’s Happy Meal. Needless to say, we had a lot of pictures taken. In my first year of university I got invited to a frat party by one of my friends. Since it was early in the year I didn’t know anyone, but figured it would be a good conversation starter if people guessed my outfit and my name simultaneously, so I dressed up as Meg from the 1997 Hercules. Surprisingly, it worked! Although, my duo costume last year was also a chart topper – I thrifted my costume pieces to put together the most accurate Mabel from Gravity Falls.

What does Ethereal mean to you?: Ethereal,for me, really connects to the spiritual side of things. As a word itself, it sounds so peaceful when you say it out loud. It almost invokes a calmness. Throughout my life, I have always tried to be in touch with my higher self. I love the idea of a natural magic, like the moments of epiphany and understanding that you may reach when you put time into understanding your emotions, making connections with important people in your life, or just feeling at peace with yourself. The moments that feel perfect are the ones that lift you up to that Ethereal space.

Find Megan on Instagram.

#meganmckague #brandblog #whoweare

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