Bumps in the Road: A Personal Reflection

Sometimes in life, we get a little lost. We reach a point where we just don’t know what we are doing, or where to go. It feels hopeless. It feels like we have gotten to the end of the road. But just like the feeling of being in a slump, every great writer knows that there is always more to the story, that the pages will continue to unfold… you’ve just got to give yourself some time.

I have been doing a ton of personal reflection lately. I am turning 20, and I feel as though I have only got a few years left to figure it all out. Our 20s can be scary. Society paints the picture that if you don’t know what image you want to create, the canvas must stay blank. You must be a failure. But, it’s not true. We have got our whole entire lives to figure things out, to let life exist through the moments we experience. We have months, years, and decades left to make mistakes and learn from them. And even if we continue to fail, so what? We have every new day to learn again. We can splash colours onto the easel and stand back to enjoy the view.

I sit in front of my computer screen sometimes and stare back at a blank document – I’ve got nothing to say, I think to myself often. I am a writer, and what I love to do is write. When the words get trapped at the tip of my fingers and refuse to release, I feel a sense of despair. As the hours and the days pass, and I finally find inspiration to use my words the right way, I realize that everything will be okay. It is just a slump. And this is the way I think we should all perceive the process of living.

Sometimes writers get writers block, and sometimes humans get life block. Sometimes we want to keep moving, but our brains are convincing us that we just cannot. Where would we go? Life is a lot like art, in the sense that it is ours to create, ours to manifest the way we want to. When an artist draws a blank, they don’t stop being an artist. They will write random phrases, use random colours, play random keys, or sing random lyrics. Their art does not stop because their imagination takes a break, and our lives won’t stop when we need one either. The point of my ramble is, whether I decide to go to law school, get my master’s in journalism, get married, or move across the globe, my life will continue to progress. My story will continue to be written.

At the end of the day, we cannot overwhelm ourselves by believing the truth that every single decision we make can be detrimental to our existence. Our choices are important, yes, but the universe will work around them.

So, when you feel the pressure of being a human and there is too much on your plate, do what you want to do most. Choose options that motivate you, follow your passions, do things that make you happy and listen to yourself before you listen to anybody else. Things will work out; your life will be beautiful when you follow your heart. So, like a writer just needs to never stop writing when they feel worn out, you need to just keep existing when it feels like you can’t any longer.

Written by: Nicole Mior

#reflection #selfesteem #selflove #adulting

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