My Answer is No, Not Try Again.

I recently went through a pretty traumatic experience.

I had made terms of a relationship very clear only to find the other person crossing the boundaries I had put in place. It sucked and still sucks. I thought that being a part of a community of female empowerment meant that I could firmly say “No” to someone crossing the line and that it would be the end of the discussion. I was wrong.

It by no means was my fault. I said “No,” I pushed away, and in no way does that permit any blame on my behalf. When someone says the word “No,” IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE… it means “NO.” The word no does not mean ask me again or that maybe in the few minutes that have elapsed I have changed my mind.

To be so courageous to stand up for your beliefs and yourself is so insanely brave. Being forced to explain your answer or repeat it again is in nobody's business but your own. Not a single person should ever be forced to say “No” more than once in any situation.

Being a part of such a strong community, it can make talking about these things hard because it seems like so many women have it together and are so brave in standing up for themselves. But the reality is that no one in this entire world is brave enough, or strong enough, or perfect enough to go through life unscathed of this unrelenting world.

I may not know what the future holds, or what any one person reading this is going through, but I know that whatever you feel it is okay. Even if you don’t feel, your journey is unique to you, and your healing is as well. The one thing I know for certain is that every story deserves to be heard and that silence kills all. Whether it is a close friend, or even the whole internet in an anonymous (or not) post, you have to share your story. Suffering in silence does nothing but harm for you and your soul.

Keep fighting the good fight, always growing, always healing, and living like there’s no tomorrow.

Written by an Ethereal community member.

#no #sexualassault #assault #violence #nomeansno

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