Childlike Mindset; Embracing the Struggles, Storms and Seasons

I have spent the last few months taking my 8-year-old sister to school and never thought that someone so young and pure could help me figure out the biggest secret to living life through the hard times. Nobody is guaranteed a perfect and pain free life–they aren’t even guaranteed a good life–but we are promised highs and lows. It is in those moments that only we can determine our focus and our mindset.

I was driving my sister to school early one morning as she fogged up my window and drew smiley faces and hearts on it. She laughed so hard because she thought it was so cool that our breath was “so strong” it could “make paintings” on the car windows. She looks at the world with the eyes of a child–she sees the wonder in the world rather than the harm. I could have gotten mad at her leaving fingerprints on the window, but instead I chose to embrace her curiosity and encourage it. I found myself in a way better mood after and began to start implementing the childlike mindset into the smallest of ways.

I love the sky. I have always admired the clouds and their numerous forms. I gawk like a child at the beauty of the sky and its daily and unique creations. It is small parts of my day that mean the world to me. When I am driving, I will glance at the sky and its beauty and just think to myself how lucky I am to experience the creation before my eyes.

I have heard the quotation “You are either in a storm, going into one, or coming out of one” and used to believe that it was a peace of mind, knowing that what I was going through would soon be over. What I had not realized was that I was putting emphasis on the negative strom I was facing and not on the blessing I was receiving.

Whether you are in a season of chaos or a season of peace and growth, looking at your current situation with eyes of a child is the most empowering and beautiful thing you can do for yourself. It shifts the focus from the storm and the negativity to the beauty and peace of the experience. Our experiences and our feelings are valid and in no means should be ignored; rather, they should be brought into the light and examined with a more positive and childlike mindset. By doing this we don’t see the problems.

Written by: Sarah Cooper

#child #children #mindset #perspective #struggle

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