To the Girl Who Wonders Where The Hell She’s Going, or Where She’s Meant to Be

To the girl who wonders where the hell she’s going or where she’s meant to be, the one who’s been told, “You’ll be okay” far too many times. “What does okay mean anyway?” she asks, but no one seems to answer.

Smile and nod. Fake laugh and act like everything is exactly the way “they” say it should be. But pretending doesn’t cure her dissatisfaction, it only covers it up. Deep down she knows she’s tired of living a life that isn’t truly hers. Because when she sees her life through a dreamer’s eyes she sees fireworks in starry skies, she sees a girl taking risks not knowing what will happen but feeling accomplished because at least she fucking tried.

She sees a life that is worlds away from where she is right now, and while the distance doesn’t scare her, that first step feels like it’s impossible. So she remains uncomfortably in place, afraid not of what the future holds, but of wondering what it will look like if it stays the way it is right now.

To the girl who wonders where the hell she’s going and where she’s meant to be, the one who feels like she’s stuck in a life that isn’t hers, stop listening to the people who tell you: you’ll be fine. Start listening to yourself. Start listening to your instincts and your gut. Listen to that dreamer’s voice inside your head telling you to MOVE, GO, BEGIN AGAIN, or just TRY!

Stop pretending that you’re okay and take the risk that will make you better. Take the risk that you know will put you in the place you’ve always wanted to be. And when you think of every little complication that could go wrong before it ever happens, remember that you’re strong enough, smart enough, and brave enough, to get through it.

Listen to your dreams, not your fears. Let them guide you, motivate you, and inspire you to go after every little thing you know deep down that you deserve. And when you get lost, when you find yourself out in the middle of nowhere because you took a leap that you thought would put you in one place and actually put you in another, remember that you’re not alone. That there’s plenty of people in this world who feel just as lost as you do. And maybe it’s because we’re all looking around thinking everyone else is exactly where they’re meant to be, but in reality, we’re all just figuring it out along the way.

The people who take risks that put their dreams an arms-width away usually don’t know where the hell they’re going either, but they do know whatever’s motivating them is 100 percent worth it. Whatever that is, use it to guide you.

Your dreamer’s voice is yelling at you for a reason. It knows you’re meant for far better things than where you are right now. Don’t be afraid. Just listen, and trust. Trust in your talent, your capability, and your strength, your courage and your willingness to fight. Trust in everything that makes you the person you’ve always been, and go get the life you’ve always wanted.

To the girl who wonders where the hell she’s going, or where she’s meant to be, stop waiting for the universe to answer you. Answer yourself and go.

Written by: Nicole Tarkoff

#dream #dreaming #confidence #start #strength

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