Let’s Get One Thing Straight – I’m Not.

This was one of the many captions I considered for my big “coming out” post, announcing that I have a girlfriend to the world. #instaofficial!

I have a friend who is strictly against coming out, because straight people don’t have to do it, and I feel like that’s really valid.

But for me, I operate with the knowledge that queer people and straight, cis people are not equal, and until we are, some social constructs like “coming out” are a reality. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true: queer people come out every single day. I’ve only been out for a few months but so far the heart-stopping anxiety that comes with it hasn’t subsided.

Thankfully, I haven’t had any negative reactions to me referencing my girlfriend or the fact that I’m queer. I know I’m incredibly lucky. This summer, I’m spending 4 months in Uganda where homosexuality can get you 14 years in prison. This really opened my eyes to the development we still have yet to see when it comes to queer rights.

When it comes to “coming out”, it’s completely up to you to decide what that means for you. You can be like my friend, and decide that coming out is a construct that you want no part of. That’s totally okay! It’s also okay to order a rainbow cake and wear a rainbow flag and have a party to celebrate! What’s not okay is pressuring anyone to come out, outing others, or defining coming out for other people. Living queer can be scary, confusing, amazing and freeing all at the same time, and it’s yours to explore in your own terms.

Written by: Kenzie Morin

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