Making a Difference on International Women's Day

On March the 8th it will be International Women’s Day (IWD). I’ve heard about IWD. and fully support any event that focuses on women’s equality, but this year I have stopped to think about what IWD means to me. How do I play a role in this important event and how can I make a difference going forward?

IWD officially started in 1911, after honouring women who marched the streets of New York demanding equal rights within the workplace in 1908. The day allows for the world to celebrate the awareness and successes of women, but also calls for progress to continue in the fight for equality.

This year’s theme for IWD. is #balanceforbetter. The more balance there is in the world the better place it will be. Whether this is in the workplace, government, in the media, sports coverage or in the home. Everyone has a role to play on this earth and we should be encouraging one another to strive towards this and celebrate it when it is accomplished.

The colour purple is used to represent IWD. because purple is widely associated with feminism and dignity, and symbolises achievements made and yet to come. Purple inspires hope and vision. Also, the women suffragettes who fought for the vote used the colour purple to show the royal blood that flows through the veins of every suffragette.

So, how will I take part in the celebrations and make a difference to others?

This year I plan to wear purple on the 8th of March. It will be a silent gesture of my respect for women who have fought for balance and equality, and to stand with the women who are fighting daily for their freedom.

I will create and share posts on social media that educate others on what equality is and to promote balance for women. I will use my love of writing to continuously blog about women’s achievements and challenges in order to raise awareness and promote fairness. What can you do to inspire change and bring about a better balance for all? Whether it’s something small or something on a grander scale, let’s all play a part in seeing a future where men and women are treated as equals.

Rebekah is a freelance writer for hire. She has a passion for writing about women's health and wellness. When she's not writing she can usually be found booking her next holiday in the sun or having a cream tea (jam first then cream) with her girlfriends. Check out her website.

#Women #female #empowerment

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