You Deserve This

A really good friend of mine told me he wrote this memo for himself and it went something along the lines of “I earned my way to this point." He told me this during a point where I doubted myself. I thought that being happy for once was so rare and reveling in the good moments meant things could only go badly. He immediately told me to stop thinking that.

I started off the year with someone telling me it’s bad luck sharing the Chinese zodiac year with the year you were born, also called Ben Ming Nian. TL:DR; Folklore said it’s unlucky, but a lot of people see it as a year that will bring new challenges and opportunities. I’m an optimist, so I definitely favour the second point.

With International Woman’s Day being next week, I figure it’s important to celebrate and acknowledge what I’ve accomplished thus far in my life. And sure, I could throw a party for landing the internship of my dreams, but I think it’s also important to celebrate on my own. Hence this post.

We could sit here and chat about how I survived an emotionally-damaging relationship with my father, or how I rode a horse, or flew to NYC (and back) all on my own, but instead I want you do something else.

I want you to think of what you’ve accomplished. What you’ve overcome, combatted, or even fixed.

It can be as simple as figuring out how to work the new coffee machine you just purchased, or it can be as complex as leaving a toxic relationship.

Whatever it may be, I want you to remember the moment. Remember how you felt once you tackled whatever was making you feel out of place. Because personally, I think it’s important that we appreciate what we’ve done for ourselves. Life’s hard enough as it is, and getting through it day by day, second by second is an achievement all on its own.

As I’m wrapping up the final words to this post, I take a moment to look up at the corner of my desktop computer. A simple, yellow sticky note that’s received compliments throughout the day I first put it up. It brings a smile to my face and I breath a sigh of relief. Three simple words to remind me of my worth.

“You deserve this.”

I do. I really do.

Post by: Sanzana Syed

#determination #selflove #perseverence #strength

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