The Most Romantic Day of the Year

Today is the most romantic day of the year and also the perfect occasion to bring up what I have been wanting to talk about for so long – the pressure put on us, especially teenagers, to find a partner.

That pressure can come from our family, with simple comments such as have you snatched yourself a boyfriend yet and there really isn’t anyone special in your life then? Innocent as they seem and mostly are, these comments can bum out a lot of persons, simply by being asked repeatedly. We come to feel like being in a relationship is mandatory and often like we are less of person if we are not romantically involved with someone.

However, the most of the pressure we have on our shoulders comes indirectly, from our friends. Especially when you’re in a group. You really can’t help but compare yourself to others. You compare when they’ve had their first kiss, if they’ve been in a relationship yet, if they’ve had sex, and it can all become too much. Too much for me and for a lot of teenagers all around the world.

I asked a lot of people around me if they had felt this pressure before and they all answered yes vigorously and followed by telling me their story. How they became frustrated, desperate to want something that they definitely did not absolutely need. It can make a lot of us bitter simply because we feel that the relationships we have define who we are.

But why should it all matter? It is perfectly okay for you to not want relationships or to have sex at all, for you to have your first kiss at 40 years old, for you to be picky with who you choose to lend your heart to.

The thing is, that pressure can push us to do things we aren’t ready to do. I can’t even begin to count the number of teenagers who had sex too early, because they were pressured to do so. And these first experiences are important and valuable for the rest of your life. They can establish a lot of things, and can determine your relationship with your own confidence and self-respect. So, don’t let that pressure get to you. Let yourselves experience all those things when you want to and if you feel the need to.

Post by: Béatrice Légasse

#beatricelegasse #valentines #love #romance

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