Misunderstanding a Badass Woman

It’s pretty easy to misunderstand a total badass of a woman. She’s probably pretty extraordinary, brave, courageous, and kind, but isn’t worried about explaining herself to you. She might have a thousand things on the go, or be caught in the moment experiencing every second life has to offer to its fullest. This may be difficult to experience when your loved one, best friend, sister, mother, or coworker is a badass. She’s not like anyone you have ever met before. She’s unique and has navigated life thus far in a way that has enabled her to truly conquer all barriers. She does things differently – and that’s most likely what drew you to her.

How can you possibly interpret all of the meanings of the things a woman does? How can you begin to understand someone who strays so far from the expected, lives according to her own rulebook, and wholly created her own story? It’s simple: don’t. You don’t have to understand why the badass women in your life do what they do. It is impossible to peer from the outside and expect to be able to derive a whole picture. The way we live isn’t so simple. We share an earth with beings that we could never quite understand. Behind every woman there’s a thousand stories. The complexities of the choices and events that women go through is so particular to each of their own walks of life. We each sit on our own tiny plot on map amongst a bigger picture. There has been no other person who has lived a life with the plot, the exact same roadways of influence, stigma, resources, or barriers.

When it comes to badasses, they thrive off of this difference. They are the ones who know themselves better than anyone else. Total badasses live a fundamentally different life because they excel at being themselves. They can locate their own plot in this huge picture. They have their own reasons, actions, behaviours, and contexts. They are impossible to interpret. The tiny box of options presented by the external pressures of peers and general society at large cannot beat individualism and commitment to a genuine expression of being. We should flock to those who can harness their lived reality and, from there, build anew. We ought to cherish those who push the meanings of normal and live at peace with their truth. What women do, wear, or say doesn’t have to be accurately translated from outside judgement. You’re lucky to be a part of their story and that others let you witness their greatness.

Let’s give women the power of their own narrative. Let’s be grateful for others letting us be a piece of their plot. When it comes to loving someone you can’t quite understand, the process comes with patience and communication. It comes from giving the benefit of the doubt and in some parts, becoming okay with not understanding. Love the process of learning from the women in your life. Give them your effort instead of judgement. Let them speak, instead of being interpreted. Your loved ones have the weight of the world on their shoulders, like everyone else, already. Think about it again: she’s not like anyone you have ever met before. That right there is what makes her so badass.

Written by: Eva Pompedli

#badass #feminism #evapomedli

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