Where Feminism meets Faith

I am a Christian, I am a feminist, and as crazy as it may seem, the two are more similar than most people think.

I started attending a church at a very low point in my life where I felt so emotionally and physically drained. I was reluctant that I could be “saved”. I thought I was the only person who could help myself and that my mistakes were just a product of the failure I was. The first time I went I heard a message from a man (soon to become a trusted friend) about being an addict, and dealing with depression and anxiety. I thought mental illness would be a taboo topic, but I was so surprised that it was celebrated and brought into the light of the world.

I entered the self-love community before I had come to church, and I was worried that what I'd previously believed would conflict with the “churchy teachings”. I didn’t feel I couldn’t meet the standard of religion with my beliefs.

As a Christian, I believe in the basic principles of The Father (God), the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. Throughout my journey I’ve learned that not just my religion, but all others, too, value the idea of love and peace.

Self-Care so closely resembles the values of the church. Many people meditate in order to feel more in tune with their body and to find peace. The same is true with prayer and seeking the peace of their faith.

Any human being on the planet can attest that they have made mistakes. That they are imperfect. Faith points this out and uses it to take away the stress of trying so hard to prove yourself. It says we are all imperfect; not one soul on the earth is free of wrong.

I have struggled with my faith and my passion for feminism for a while but have come to terms with the fact that as long as I love God and love His children as much as I love myself, then that’s all I need. I think of my Faith and my connection to the female community as a relationship – sometimes I feel super in tune, and other times I feel distant. And that’s ok.

I support people’s right to have a say over their body. I think that, being designed to be you, that nobody but yourself should be allowed to have a say over your body. I believe that the end goal is living your life to the fullest on this earth until we leave for eternity.

As scary as the idea of Faith may seem, there is so much more than this world, and so much power and peace in knowing that no matter what you are never alone and there is reasoning for it all.

The idea of Faith is usually pushed out of the self-care and feminism community because of the negativity associated with religion and the toxic judgement that many people have experienced. I hope shed light on the similarities in the Feminism and Faith community and how no person should feel they have to choose between one or another.

You can love God, love people, and love yourself; and there is no shame in any of it.

Written by: Sarah Cooper

#SarahCooper #feminism #faith #Christianity

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