Your Last Minute Guide to Crushing 2019


I’m not going to give you a list of 20 steps to do before tomorrow. We don’t have the time!

I’m giving you 4.

I’m joking.

Actually I’m not. It’s 4.5...we’ll get to it.

I’m going to help you focus on what you really care about.

It’s the holiday season, and you want to get back to your friends and family, not think about the seriousness of your everyday life. I get it. Or maybe you’re seeing this in January and wondering if it’s too late to start at all.

It’s not. It’s never too late.

Before we start any of this, I need you to understand that you’re an incredible person and you’re capable of extraordinary things. None of this will work without that little puzzle piece. Say it everyday if you have to, write it down, make it your wallpaper – whatever it is you have to do to remind yourself.

Better yet, personalize it and create your own mantra. Something that’s specific to you. It needs to be personal for it to stick.

You’re also going to need a journal, or a stack of papers. Memo app of choice? However it is that you like to do things, I don’t judge.

Just something to keep for the next month, because this is not about resolutions. We don’t have time for that. We’re lucky if we still remember all this information by the end of January.

Now pick something that’s bothering you. In any area of your life.

Are you working towards a more positive body image?

Do you want to make more money? Are you trying to figure out a career that you’re passionate about? (Or is it all about that money? That’s okay too.)

Is there a relationship that you want to repair?

Cleaner room, anyone?

Just don’t pick all of them. This isn’t about overwhelming yourself. Pick the one that’s the most important to you right now.

It’s okay if it takes you time to think about it. It did for me.

Take a couple minutes to yourself, or think about it for the rest of the day. Not tomorrow, though, because we’re going to forget about this. It was a spur of the moment insight into productivity and we’re not going to feel the same about our gung-ho attitude tomorrow.

Now, write it down in your memo of choice.

Stuck? I’ll tell you what went through my mind. I’m trying to lose a couple pounds, eat healthier and advance my career.

What does that mean? And weren’t you only supposed to pick one?

YES I’m getting there, don’t rush me!

Although I do want to lose weight and eat healthier, they’re not my priority right now. They’re not what I think about every time I go to sleep - they’re what I think about when I scroll through social media. In other words, it’s not what’s really bothering me.

If body image or health is something you’re improving on, there’s nothing wrong with that and I’m proud of you. I’m hoping to get there someday. For now, you can move on to the next step.

As for the rest of us - what’s important to me right now is my career. That’s what I spend most of my time thinking about. My day job is writing non-fiction but what I really want to do is write fiction.

So that’s what I wrote down. I want to be an author.

It’s a pretty big goal. Yours might not be. That’s not the point.

What’s important is that you identify your own hurdle.

Next step: think about what you need to do to get there. This is important. If you didn’t identify your real problem, you know at this point that you’re going to write a list of things that you’re not going to do. Don’t do that. Take some more time if you need to, but write down those literal next steps. Mine would be to draft a book, edit, and query. I’ll break them into smaller steps along the way, but those are the three main things I need to do. I need to write it, make it the best I can, and then send it out to agents/publishers.

This is also a good time to talk to the people around you. If you know someone that’s found success in what you’re trying to do, or you just want a cheerleader along the way, let them know. If you don’t know who to talk to, talk to me! I’m not just here to write words and run away. I’ll go through it with you.

Now you need to identify a timeline. I know this isn’t going to be done in a week or a month. I’ll give myself six months for now. A month to write, two months to edit and the rest of the time to query. At first glance, this may not be realistic. You’re right.

But I’m not going to know that until I start. I can change the timeline along the way. This isn’t meant to be an exercise in discipline. I just want to show myself I’m committed to get there.

Now I pick a date to start.

Don’t let it be the first couple days of January. We both know it’s not happening and you’re going to burn yourself out before you make any interesting sort of progress.

I’ll say January 6th.

And we’re done. I’m not going to break it into smaller chunks. When my timeline collapses, I’ll just have a mess of notes and dates that I’ll feel bad about. Let’s not go there. Now I just need to start.

But before that:

Your Last Minute Guide to Crushing 2019: The Recap

0.5. Find something to note all this down on and write your mantra on it.

1. Find something that’s important to you. You.

2. Figure out what you need to do to get there.

3. Pick a timeline or an end date.

4. Pick a start date.

That’s it!

Now go back and actually do the things I told you to do. Don’t bookmark this for later.

This could take a couple of minutes or the rest of the day.

Remember that memo app or notebook I told you to use? Write your mantra on it and keep up with your steps along the way. That doesn’t mean you need to become a journaller. I mean if you want to, go ahead – but even if you use it to look back on, it still works. Most importantly, it gives you a place to add or take away steps because your progress isn’t going to be a straight line.

This isn’t a productivity hack, and you might not even end up with the same goal as when you started. You might need shuffle tasks around. You’ll likely need more time than you expect.

So why do it? You’re not going to magically get there and I know you have some kind of dream or goal. I want to help you get there. Because I know I want to get to mine.

Maybe later, as you start to make progress, you’ll want to include another goal into your list. Something from your original brainstorm. I hope you do. I know I want to add in steps towards living a healthier life.

But this is all about you. To get to where it is you need to be.

Like I said, I hope you do.

I’m rooting for you.

You’re going to crush it.

Post by Jasman Sahota

#jasmansahota #newyears #2019 #goals #selfconfidence

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