A New (Years) Perspective

As the year comes to a close, I’m getting really excited about the future. New years resolutions are piling up in my mind as I think of all the ways that I’m going to change for the better in 2019. This time of year

is exciting, fresh, and new; it almost feels like shedding a skin and becoming a brighter version of yourself. I used to think the new year was overrated and that the change of a year didn’t mean anything, but now I find that to be a little cynical. If there is excitement about personal growth once a year, why not embrace it?

So, I have this sort of man-made (yet still valid) opportunity to grow into a better version of myself. How do I do this in a healthy, happy way? I think I’ve been getting so caught up in how I’m going to change that I’ve forgotten the greatest tool at my disposal: reflection. This whole past year has been full of lessons, hardships, victories, and successes. I don’t believe everything happens for a reason, but I do believe that you can learn and grow from everything that happens. So, this year I’m encouraging myself to reflect, and to do so with compassion towards myself. It’s not about pointing out all my mistakes and getting angry at myself for them, but I know I can fall into this mindset easily. What I’m trying to do is take a more objective look at my year. What happened? How did it make me feel? What drove me to make the choices I made? What were the results of those choices? I’m trying, here, to determine patterns and consequences, and turn them into lessons. I believe that this will make for a more informed mindset for the new year and will help me to make choices that make me happier.

The truth is, shit happens, and whether a year is good or bad is not always in my control because of wildcard circumstances. However, I do believe that giving ourselves grace and recognizing what brought us joy and what brought us hurt can make us more self-aware and better equipped to absolutely conquer the future through the triumphs and the hurt.

I haven’t always thought about the new year this way. Maybe the new year is overwhelming for you. Maybe it comes with perfectionism and pressure to do better when you’re already doing the best you can. Maybe pretending it’s just another day works better for you. Whatever your strategy, it is worthy and valid because you know yourself best.

I wish compassion, joy, and love upon all of you during this holiday season, your time of reflection, and the new year!

Post by: Kenzie Morin

#kenziemorin #newyears #newyear #Selfcare #selfimprovement

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