3 Steps to Body Confidence

Meet Rebekah Louise, a freelance writer for hire. Her personal experience, knowledge, and skills combine to create quality content tailored to your needs. Her aim is to help women successfully achieve emotional freedom and peace. When she's not writing, Rebekah can be found on her yoga mat, running around after her son, or eating cake.

Are you body confident?

The vast majority of women are unhappy with their bodies. Each day, women are believing that they are fat, ugly, and unattractive, and they wish they could change their appearance.

Having these thoughts is tiring, unhealthy, and unkind to yourself. So how do we stop these negative thought patterns about our bodies?

Tell Yourself That You Are Beautiful

Each day, look in the mirror and say positive affirmations to yourself. Remind yourself that you are beautiful and capable. Set yourself up to be your best self for the day.

Ditch Social Media

Okay, maybe not all accounts, but everyone knows that scrolling through Instagram pictures can leave you feeling inadequate. You are constantly seeing images of slim, toned, and 'perfect'-looking women and you instantly feel rubbish about yourself. When you come across accounts that only reinforce your negative thoughts about yourself, then the kindest thing to do for yourself is to unfollow the account.

Let's Get a Better Perspective

Your body is something to be celebrated. Each day it does wonderful things for you, from the smallest of tasks to the bigger life events such as giving birth. You should see your body as your friend, not your enemy. Make a list of all the things you are grateful for. Start with your body: what is it that you like about yourself? What compliments have other people given you? Then go on to list the blessings in your life, perhaps your family, friends, home, health, or your career.

Over to You

We are all different, so it is pointless comparing ourselves. You never know what someone else is thinking – perhaps your friend would love your legs or tummy.

If you wouldn't say the comment you're thinking to a friend, then don't say it to yourself. Embrace and accept yourself. Being happy is not about everything being perfect.

For more on Rebekah please visit her website www.rebekahlouisewrites.com

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