To My Future Daughter

I hope you start every morning by saying one thing you love about yourself. I hope you look at your reflection in the mirror and smile.

Too many women in my life have spent time tearing their bodies down in front of me. Comparing and depriving themselves. Telling themselves that if they could just change one thing, they’d feel better and more beautiful. Equating beauty with happiness.

Like these women, I’ve thought about hiding the scars, bumps, and bruises my body has collected over my life. Dismissing the stories they tell of how much I’ve overcome to be here.

Like so many women, I’ve thought about how I’d be so much happier after losing one pound. And then another. And another. Even though I know it’s a vicious cycle that never stops.

But I’m beginning to realize the myth that beauty lives on the outside.

When I think about the moments I’ve felt happiest, I think about the times I’ve laughed so hard that tears roll down my face and my sides ache. I think about the times I’ve licked sugary donuts from my fingers. Sipped hot chocolate on a cold day. Pet a dog. Felt the ocean breeze. Kissed deeply. Danced freely. Crawled under soft sheets after a long day. These moments of bliss are when I feel the most beautiful.

And so I will keep the scars, the marks, and the pounds, to teach you to be kind towards others but also towards yourself. I will teach you to love your body by loving my own.

I’ll start each morning by saying one thing I love about myself. I will look at my reflection in the mirror and smile because I love the way my cheek dimples. Or because my strong legs carry me through the toughest days. Or how my wide rib cage holds my big heart.

I will spend every day loving myself so fiercely that when you listen to me, there is no doubt in your mind that you are beautiful exactly as you are.

By: The Real Her

#therealher #bodyacceptance #eatingdisorderrecovery #selflove #daughter

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