My Self-Empowerment Checklist

I want to be happy.

I want to enjoy my day. I want to feel proud of myself. But I don’t want to wait for a special event or moment for it to happen.

Naturally, my Type-A personality set off to overhaul every single piece of my life. I made a massive list of everything that was on my mind. What could I change about my home? My attitude? My work?

Can you guess what happened next?

I failed. Miserably.

I can’t change everything in a single day, week, or month. Even if I could, it doesn’t mean I was going to be happy with the results later. An epiphany, right?

I realized that having a peaceful, positive mindset is not something that magically happens. I have to put work into it every single day. Especially on the bad days.

I did keep the list from my failed attempt. After all, they were ideas that I could use to empower myself. This time, instead of staring at the list and wondering how I was magically going to make myself happier and healthier, I circled a few of them. I started implementing them into my day-to-day life.

The idea was actually inspired by a morning routine I was watching on YouTube. You can find it here.

I noticed that all of the things in the routine were all part of the changes I wanted to make. Things like eating breakfast, getting some exercise, waking up earlier, reading...etc.

Based off of the video, I rehauled my long list into a daily checklist for myself. To be honest, it’s only been two weeks. But I’m still going strong and I’m feeling good. Not just good actually – really good.

My checklist has 10 steps, which seems like a lot, but they don’t take long to do. Yet they make a big difference in the way I feel about myself throughout the day.

More accurately, they make a big difference at night. When I’m trying to fall asleep. When I think about all the tasks I should have done, could have done better or messed up altogether.

But not anymore.

It does sound a little magical, but I am happier. I’m also more peaceful and productive. But it’s because I’m constantly working at it. Just not in an overwhelming way.

The list is pretty simple, and nothing that isn’t already common knowledge. But singling out what was most important to me, and what I wanted to do each day, made all the difference.

Here’s my 10-Step Checklist to Self-Empowerment:

1. Did I take the time to stretch and spend a few minutes in silence this morning?

I don’t rush into my routine when I wake up, but I don’t press snooze either. I take my time stretching out my legs and shoulders. Then I sit up on my bed. I spend a minute, or a few minutes, in silence to set an intention for the day. Or sometimes I don’t think about anything at all.

2. Did I smile into at least one mirror this morning?

I know this sounds silly, try it anyways. Big and wide.

3. Did I drink a glass (or two) of water in the morning?

This always makes me feel better, especially later on in the day when I’ve forgotten to take a sip.

4. Did I eat breakfast?

This is the toughest for me. I wake up feeling nauseous on most days, or sometimes I’m not hungry at all. I try to keep reminding myself that even something small is okay, just a small bowl of oatmeal or a fruit.

5. Did I write?

Writing makes me happy. I like journaling and I like writing short stories. If feel like I’m too busy, I set a timer for 20 minutes. If I’m journaling, I write without stopping or filtering my thoughts for that time. If I’m writing a short story, I love finding prompt generators online and writing only for those 20 minutes. It always turns out crazy and terrible, but it’s always worth it.

6. Did I read?

This isn’t always a book. I have a habit of bookmarking articles from Twitter or Pinterest and never going back to them. As long as it’s still interesting and relevant to my life, I want to know about it!

7. Did I make a meal?

It’s too easy to grab something from the fridge and run. Cooking makes me feel empowered because I’m taking care of my body. I make at least one proper meal every day, and it doesn’t have to be fancy or take a lot of time.

8. Did I go outside?

I used to hate going outside, even in good weather. It seemed like waste of time because there’s always something on my mind or something pressing to do. Now I take a walk around the neighbourhood in the morning. It’s a good way to get my daily exercise because I know I’m not going to have time (or want to make time) later.

9. Did I have a conversation with someone I care about?

This makes me feel really, really good. If I haven’t talked to someone in a while, I send them a message to check in on them and see how they’re doing. I’m always surprised at how happy the receiving person is. It makes me feel happy too, that I made a positive difference in someone else’s day!

10. Did I make an effort to stay off social media?

This is so important. I always have trouble staying off during the day, but I don’t check my phone before sleeping anymore. Or first thing in the morning. My phone is on silent until I’ve had breakfast and I feel peaceful enough to start my day.

Start with 1 step, start with 5! Make your own.

Do something each day that makes you happy.

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