September Goals

Personal goal setting is often done on New Years Eve, and those goals are often forgotten just as quickly as they were made. Goal Setting is actually one thing I’ve spent a lot of time talking about with my counsellor. As someone with anxiety, I tend to avoid situations and things that I anticipate to be stressful. On the other hand, when something needs to be done, I want it to be done quickly so that it’s done and over with. This leads to setting unrealistic goals that simply cannot be achieved, because I want to jump from point A to point Z without actually having to go through the alphabet.

Here are some useful tips for setting and achieving your goals:

  • Set goals that you can achieve, rather than setting yourself up for failure

  • Achieving something big can sometimes require you to to achieve multiple smaller goals first

  • Believe in yourself and know that you truly are capable of anything and everything

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice; it’s good to have a different perspective

  • Give yourself the time you need

  • Sometimes things go backwards before they can move forward

Setting goals can be super helpful when going through life changes (new jobs, moving, school, the change in season etc.). September brings about a lot of changes, and a lot to knock off the to-do list. It’s a good idea to make goal setting as fun as possible! Keep yourself hopeful and on-track by keeping a list in a cute notebook, or tell your friends so they can keep you motivated. Some goals are tedious and boring, like doing laundry or getting a school assignment done, but others require so much more planning and dedication. Whatever it is, start by brainstorming what the end goal is and how you plan on getting there.

I know what it feels like when things feel so out of reach, or worse - confusing and unclear. But I truly believe that things happen for a reason. Whatever you want in life is possible, it just may take some time to find it. I’ve doubted myself so many times, even when I knew I had it in me to accomplish something. Set a goal for yourself that makes you smile and work towards it knowing that you will accomplish it. There’s nothing wrong with believing in yourself and knowing that you are worthy of good things.

By: @anxiouslyawesome

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