Top Five Personal Development Books

You can call it self-help. I like to call it personal development.

And I like reading personal development books.

Sometimes I’m frustrated in one area of my life, and sometimes I’m frustrated in all of them. These books usually give me a path to follow, or at least reassurance that I can get there.

There are a ton of books out there. Most of the time I run into the same ones with the same sort of promises. It’ll change your mindset, it’ll change your life.

I likely own some of the more common books, too. But the ones I keep going back to are the ones that are more practical. The ones that have something pressing to say, and actually say it.

I read books on life in general. Sometimes I pick up ones about a specific topic.

But these are the top five ones that have made a genuine difference in my life:

1. Unlearn: 101 Simple Truths for a Better Life

I love that this book is digestible, and that you can set your own pace. I’ve read it cover to cover, and I’ve also picked random pages to read. This book is blunt. It’s not afraid to confront your deepest fears and desires. But confronting them, and taking control, is what changed my life.

2. Essentialism

The concept of essentialism kind of reminds me of minimalism, except for your life. It talks a bit about minimizing the clutter around you, but it’s mostly based on mindset development. In short, it talks about how to calm your mind, take control, and focus.

3. Une Femme Français

No, this book isn’t written in French. It also doesn’t quite fit into the personal development niche, but it has made a difference for me.The author gives a deep look at her life in France, but with specific ideas and attitudes about style. It’s become a shopping guide for me lately, which helps me improve my body image.

4. Milk & Honey

If you haven’t already heard about this book, I highly recommend it. Like Unlearn, it’s a digestible read you can set at your own pace. It’s also great if you’re someone who doesn’t normally read.

5. How to Be a Bawse

This is my ultimate favourite! Whether I’m happy, frustrated, angry, disappointed or completely torn, this is my go to. I call it my book of life. And life advice. It also helps that it was written by another strong woman.

If you have a book that has helped you in someway, leave the name in the comments below!

By: Jasman Sahota

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