Self-Care On My Period

It's the one week of every month that we all hate. What am I talking about? Our periods.

Aunt Flo T.O.M. Moon Time Menstruation That time of the month Mother Nature's gift

or any other "code word" you use or have heard of.

Most women experience having their periods and I'm sure you can agree that:

1) It can be stressful and emotional 2) symptoms can be uncomfortable 3) It can affect relationships

I thought it would an interesting experiment to reach out to my followers, so I asked:

What do you hate most about being on your period?

Then I asked to finish this sentence: Being on my period means ….

From reading all of these honest and open answers, I think it’s important to appreciate what our body goes through every time we get our period and also how important it is to practice self-care. So to all the ladies out there who are reading this, I hope these answers make you feel less alone but also validates that your emotions and experiences and pain deserve some self-care and appreciation.

By: @anxiouslyawesome

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