I Define Me

Your opinion doesn’t define me. And your labels DO NOT MATTER! The clothes I wear are mine And your opinion doesn’t mean more or less. The piercings in my skin were my choice Not yours My crop top doesn’t make me a skank And my baggy sweater doesn’t make me a prude Being quiet doesn’t mean I’m stupid. And Speaking my mind isn’t a fight. Eating a burger doesn’t make me a pig. Snacking all day isn’t avoided food. Loving myself doesn’t make me selfish. Having me-time isn’t your say. Makeup is a choice, Not a necessity. I am who I am Because you do not define me.

Do not let labels and opinions of others stick to your skin. You are phenomenally a beautiful human and nobody should ever say different.

You define you!

Be kind to yourself and remember you were uniquely made for this world. You are precisely pieced together to be you. People trying to tell you who you are think differently because they themselves are unique.

Love yourself and others always!

By: @scoooppp

#2018 #selflove #scoooppp #SarahCooper #labels #label #define #selfcare

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