Why I DECIDE To Be “Too Much”

People are impressed with me because I’m opinionated. I call-out the bullshit. People are scared of me because I don’t follow the rules without questioning. People listen to me because I have conviction and passion. People find me inspirational because I come from far, I’m always thriving. People judge me because I don’t mind being different. People respect me because I don’t give in, I’m not easily influenced. People talk in my back because they know they can’t get to me.

People are quick to push you aside. People are good at giving you a label. People are strong at making this life a competition.

Remember who you are before they told you who you were.

Not everyone will like you, that’s 100% a fact. Because no matter how ‘perfect’ you are, no matter how hard you try, someone will find something they don't like about you. They will find any reasons to hate you. But the moment you decide YOU ARE ENOUGH. NO MATTER WHAT. Is the moment you find your happiness. It’s the moment you care a little bit less about what people think of you. It’s the moment you give yourself permission to live freely, to be the real you, that you give permission to other girls to be THE REAL HER.

Live your truth. Respect your limits. Say it when you’re not okay with something. Be gentle with yourself, we are all TRYING our best. Be kind. We all do mistakes, we all mess-up sometimes. But that’s the point of living. To learn and become the person you were meant to be. The person you choose to be. The person you dream of being. Just do it, now. Every day is YOUR new chance.

By: @braveandhopeful

#youareenough #findingyourself #confidence #affirmations #feminism #selflove #selfacceptance #therealher

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