3 Reasons Why Every Day is A Good Day

Being gracious has been my thing as of late. I am in a season of my life where so many things that I've always desired are manifesting. Each day is not all rainbows and sunshine. I've had some career failures lately, but with that came two really big wins in that department. So, I am trying daily to remember that I need to be appreciative of all that comes with life. Here's 3 reasons why every day really is a good day!

1. You woke up this morning! Not everyone can say that. And as cliché as it is, it's the truth. If for no other reason, today is great because you got to witness it. Be sure to reflect at the start of every morning on how the tingling sensation from air flowing through your nostrils is a gift. Then roll through the rest of the day helping everyone else with your grateful mentality.

2. Every day is a good day because only you can choose for it to be. So what you spilled coffee all over yourself and you're already late to work! Is that enough to ruin a whole day? As I mentioned, a freelance job I applied to was not offered to me. I was disappointed for a few minutes and then I still chose to have a great day. Just two days later, I was contacted for a different role with the same major company. I made so much of an impression that I was recommended by the recruiter to his colleague. How awful would I have felt about wasting my day being upset when I wasn't chosen for the initial job, only to receive an offer for something else that was just as good? It pays to remain positive about all of your experiences. Clearly, it’s good juju!

3. Lastly, every day is a good day, because the day belongs to you. If you feel that the day is not right, do something about it! What makes you happy? You get to design your life specifically to your liking; how can any day not be good with that luxury? Sure, you need money to live the way you want. You might not even be at your dream job yet, but you have the tools to make yourself happy. You are what it takes to make every one of your days a good one. Time moves freakishly fast and we don't know how much we are allotted in this life. It's a good idea to be happy as much as we can on every day that we've been granted to enjoy!

By: Myesha Alleyne Picture Credit: Pixabay

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