A Note from Our Founder

I wanted to take a chance to open up on the blog to some of our Ethereal family about my own story, and the importance of the Ethereal brand.

So, as some of you already know, my name is Christina, and I’m the CEO and Founder of Ethereal & Co. Some of you may follow me on my Instagram page, @christinaapaaul, where I try to speak out as much as I can about daily life with mental illness, loving the person you naturally are, and entrepreneurship. If you’ve never had the chance to check out my page before, let’s get acquainted a bit.

Borderline Personality Disorder, the illness I live with, is one of the more uncommon mental illnesses, as it is very often misdiagnosed as depression and/or anxiety when the patient is in their teens. I was diagnosed with BPD around September 2017, at 20 years old, which was right before I became the creator behind Ethereal & Co.

Living with any type of mental illness is difficult. In my life, it was the reason I had lost many friends over the last few years so quickly, and the reason I struggle with dating and making new friends. BPD is characterized by unstable relationships with other people, unstable sense of self, and unstable emotions. My illness has brought about a lot of struggles in my young adult life, but it also is the reason why Ethereal exists. Allow me to explain further.

When I started Ethereal with a couple of university friends, I honestly was doing it to speak out to a wider audience as a mental health advocate. My own personal beliefs are that you should always take care of yourself – with both mental and physical health. As Ethereal grew, we had begun to speak out more about sexual health and human equality, which are both still very taboo subjects to talk about.

To me, being a strong woman means to take care of yourself and to be in control of your health. Taking the time to learn about your own body, teaching others ways they can also take care of themselves, and of course getting other people to understand that reproductive health is very important to learn about.

With Ethereal, I began sharing this message in the posts I shared. As time went on, I began to run across many other feminist brands that speak out about woman empowerment, and the importance of healthy living.

Here for Her is just one of the many wonderful brands that teach their followers the power of owning your health as a woman, and to not be ashamed to share your experiences.



Partnering with Here for Her is important to me; I want all of the Ethereal & Co. family to understand that this is more than just a partnership to me. It’s about showing women everywhere how IMPORTANT it is to choose collaboration over competition, because we should all be focusing on the common goal at hand – starting the conversation about women’s health issues so no girl goes uneducated on her own body.

If you’d like to snag yourself a piece of their apparel to support women’s health education, you can purchase one of their apparel pieces from this link.

And once again, thank you to each and every one of you who have stuck around with Ethereal for this long. I love every single one of you, and it means the world to me to have your support.

Love Always,

Christina Paul, CEO and Founder

Photography By: @c.jh_photography

Sweater By: @shophereforher

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