Getting Out: My Experience From A Week Away

Sometimes it’s so easy to be caught in the norm of life. Society often shoves regular work weeks and strict schedules down our throats. Between all the craziness of our schedules and life it can be really hard to find escapes. Social Media often takes over our life. I especially find myself taking large time chunks from my day. I felt so attached to my phone and all the problems of this world portrayed through it.

This past week I was given the opportunity to abandon technology for a week of “getting out.” The task was daunting. To leave phone reception for a week was going to be rough. I would have no connection with family or friends except for a pay phone call during free-time. At the start of the week I found myself extremely tired and slumped about every outlook of life. My anxiety was peaking because I had no contact with my family or the outside world. As silly as it sounds, when we take a step back from the drama, it almost seems to follow us internally. Being around only friends and my mentors, I slowly began to let go… I trusted people more and listened deeper to the words they spoke. Social media and the outside world is very noisy. It often drowns out all cries for help as well as any offers. If we are fasting from social media for one day or one month, or one year, there are benefits. Getting Out of the need to check my phone all the time was hard but worth it. Immersing myself in what the world had to offer me was an amazing recharge.

Taking a small walk around your street without your phone or without looking at it! Take the power back from your device and put it back into your life. Having a week to myself without any social media or cellular distractions brought me back down to where I needed to be. I wasn’t overwhelmed by my phone by the end of the week. Coming home I noticed that my days felt longer because I hadn’t spent my time scrolling through Instagram. I took time to myself and continued the habit when coming home.

Time away is time with peace.

In the beginning it may be hard to refrain from looking at your phone but the small annoyance is worth the much greater peace that follows it.

Experience life for all it is worth!

By: @scoooppp

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