Are you Pro-Choice? You Should Be.

There is no disagreement that abortions are a controversial topic. It is discussed in whispers, kept behind closed doors, frowned upon and supported publicly. The term abortion is used to “pick sides” in religion, politics and the medical field. I don’t think abortions should be controversial at all. It’s a medical procedure. That’s it. The conversation about abortions has sparked a grand debate; Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice. The irony here is that Pro-Life tends to mean anti-abortion, while Pro-Choice leans towards pro- abortion. However, that is not necessarily the case. I believe EVERYONE, every man, woman and child, should be pro-choice. And here’s why:

Pro-Life Pro-life argues that when a woman becomes impregnated, she should carry the baby term, no matter the consequences. This means that if a woman became pregnant by rape, or any other way against her will, she would have to carry the baby to term and give birth. Some extreme pro-life advocates even argue that if a woman is dying or will die if she gives birth, that she should birth the child regardless. This boggles my mind that someone else is allowed to decide if you should live or die. Why are male politicians allowed to declare abortions illegal? Why are women being attacked when they go to an abortion clinic? Why is the worst thing a woman can do terminating a clump of cells that will drastically alter her life (and not always for the better?!)? Why is anyone allowed to make a decision about a woman’s body other than that woman?

Pro-Choice Pro-choice argues that when a woman becomes impregnated, she, and she alone, decides what happens to her body. She can choose to give birth, to abort, or to put up for adoption. That means that regardless of how the woman became pregnant, whether she carries the baby to term or terminates the pregnancy, the decision is 100% up to her. There is much more to a pregnancy than “simply” carrying a baby for 9 months. There’s the emotional baggage, physical changes, pain and discomfort, the cost of baby products, toys and clothes, the loss of work, the regular doctor’s visits, the cost of vitamins, medications, and medical care, the burden of having a child when you were forced or not ready, the potential trauma that led to the pregnancy, the trauma of birth or c-section, the healing time afterwards, the responsibility for caring for a child, the experiences lost, etc. ECETERA! There’s more! How could you tell someone that they have to go through all of that AND MORE when the child could have been a product of rape? Failed birth control? Sexual assault? Incest? Who are you to tell a woman that her mind, body, and future belong to someone else?

Pro-choice doesn’t mean you don’t want to be a mother. Pro-choice doesn’t mean you personally believe in abortion or that you will ever have one yourself. Pro-choice doesn’t mean you don’t support adoption. Pro-choice doesn’t mean you don’t care about babies or their wellbeing.

Pro-choice means you are pro-choice. You support any choice a woman makes regarding her pregnancy and her body, regardless of your own thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Women should get to choose whatever the hell they want to do with THEIR own bodies. If you’re not pro-choice, for the sake of women, women’s rights, feminism, and female empowerment, YOU SHOULD BE.

By: @shantilly_13

#pregnant #abortion #prochoice #birthcontrol #feminism #ShannonTillett #Shantilly13

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