15 Tip For Happiness

Here is my list of quick tips on how to be more happy:

1) routine : a baseline that you go back to on a regular basis, basic self-care tasks that helps you keep a good mental health (example : I drink tea every night, take a shower, take my meds and supplements, journal for a few minutes about my day, meditate and read)

2) spice up your sensuality : either with masturbation, fantasies, trying something new with your partner...do something that makes you feel sexy. Buy new lingerie or sex toys or a yoni egg, talk more about sex, read erotic books, give a gentle massage to your partner, take a bath etc. Sensuality doesn’t mean sexuality. Just be sure it’s respectful, and consensual if more than 1 person is involved. Learn to appreciate the human’s body.

3) argue : not in a angry, you did something bad way... but in a I’m disagreeing with your opinion, let’s talk about it respectfully and learn from each other way. Be honest and authentic, if you’re not comfortable or not okay with something, say it (as long as it is safe to do so...also pick your battles).

4) eat how you want to feel : this one is a hard one. This is not about not eating that cake because you will feel ‘fat’ after. NO. This is about learning to trust your body. Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full, eat what you’re craving (no rules, no diets, yes you heard right!) and be mindful of how you physically feel after eating it. It’s not magic, it takes time and patience. It is about giving your body what it needs what it is asking for.

5) gratitude list : this one I’m guilty of not doing enough but it is major important, makes the bad stuff going on in your life seem smaller

6) move your body : whatever that means for you ; yoga, cardio, walking, swimming etc. Just make your heart pump some blood in a way that respect your physical limits.

7) read something new : you make new brain cells connections, you get smarter and it’s easier to change any behavior because you’re making your brain do a thing called neuroplasticity (read up on it ;)

8) do a vision board : whatever you wanna call it, an inspiration list, a scrapbook of things that make you happy, a bucket list...it keeps you going when you’re losing hope. Put quotes, pictures, memories, cards...anything that make you feel good. 9) make a daily/weekly to-do list : it keeps you goal-oriented (aka motivated), it breaks down large tasks into smaller steps and it reminds you of your priorities when things gets overwhelming

10) go out : we get so accustomed to what we see everyday that we forget how great things can be when we see it in a new light. Do a new activity or go somewhere you passed by without stopping. Do it mindfully, with excitement, just like you’ve never

done it or seen it before. It’s a discovery and you’re the tourist. It gets you out of that “comfort zone”

11) modify your environment : Take another route on your way to work/school, change your bed of side in your room, clean, buy new bed sheets, even try a new ringtone or alarm...

12) change your life or change your perspective : do things you really want to do, stop doing the things that make you feel rubbish. We all have not so great tasks that we absolutely need to do in our personal life or at the job...but is there a way to compromise? A way to bring more fun to it? Reward yourself after with an activity that is pleasant. And if there’s absolutely no way you see yourself being happy while continuing to do this then it’s time to evaluate the benefits and the costs, take a decision. Go look for something else that will satisfy you.

13) don’t snooze : this one is particularly hard, but how you start your day has an impact on the rest of your actions. No one says you can’t turn your day around, but it’s so much easier when you start on a good note. If you snooze in bed, you snooze other things in your life too. You get late to a meeting, you rush, you panic. When you wake-up late, you go to sleep late and you’re tired the next day. Never ending cycle. You know how much sleep your body needs to give its best performance so plan ahead and make sure you get all your sleep.

14) be kind : to yourself and others. Give compliments, hold a door, volunteer...it makes you feel good to help others, and honestly it makes others feel good too. It’s a win- win. Write a thank you note, tell yourself out loud how lovely you are…

15) stop counting : stop counting how much money you make, how much followers you have, how much you weight/eat, what size you wear, how high your grade is... It’s all unnecessary and honestly, ridiculous. You’re worth is not define by numbers but by dreams, by smiles, by hugs. You have so much potential, so much qualities. Work on what you have and get better at what you do. How you do it. It’s not about the results; it’s about the journey and the adventures, the lessons you learn along the way and the people you meet.

We all get difficulties and hardships, it’s how we handle them and define them that shape us.

By: @braveandhopful

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