Content Warning: Reference to an experience with demeaning parents leading to mental illness.

In light of the recent public suicides, I thought it only made sense to remind everyone that YOU ARE

ENOUGH! I REPEAT ... YOU ARE ENOUGH! Yes, you. In this very moment, you are enough for you. You are enough for someone and you most certainly are a gift to this tarnished world!

I remember so clearly as a teenager being the center of someone else's depression. Not to any fault of my own, but because a woman close to me felt it was okay to compare my achievements to her kid. This woman regularly insisted that I was the ideal child and asked her own daughter why she wasn't more like me? I was appalled! At 15, I had to be this young girl's cheerleader and remind her that I'm not perfect and though I was doing well academically, she could too with the same effort. Despite my continued support and just being there for her, she had a hard time ever doing well in school. As a result, she received multiple disciplinary actions and didn't complete high school. It’s difficult to come back from a parent not believing you are good enough in any aspect. So for someone who is part of the issue, like I was, I could not help her find her way. It saddened me then and still does while writing this because she is not living life to her fullest potential even to this day. Words scar. It is important how you choose to speak to people. Please be kind and fair to others. As a parent, there is no way I could ever say anything to my baby girl that isn't that of pure love and encouragement. People apologize, but it doesn't change what was said or felt during and after the fact. No one can define your worth. But in case you needed to hear it from someone else, you are deserving of love and true happiness. Find comfort in being an individual and that no one else could ever be you. That is special, so hold on to it. For those struggling at this time from another person’s actions or from your mind deceiving you. Fight for yourself and know that there are so many others willing to do that fight with you.

If you or someone you know is unhappy and having suicidal thoughts or needs just a bit of a hand, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or check out our crisis links section in the navigation bar at the top of this website. Spread love daily, check on others and speak up if it's you who needs the help!

By: Myesha Alleyne

#youareenough #suicide #suicidal #mentalhealth #mentalilness #depression #myeshaalleyne

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