A Student in a Self-Care World

Slammed with midnight deadlines and essays for days, being a student in the self-care world seems impossible…..

But is it?

The life of any student is a constant cycle of homework and studying, never taking the time to think of yourself because of the fixation on grades. The topic of caring for yourself while attending school isn’t something to ignore. There is direct correlation in mental health and grades! You have to take care of your body while going through school or else your mind simply cannot reach its potential. Being a student, there isn’t much time for basic self-care but here are some simple tips to make education and self love go hand in hand.

Staying up Late

It’s inevitable at some point. We stay up late and rise early, and that’s okay…. Staying up late doesn’t need to eliminate your following day. The body is proven to need nourishment. You can’t have a healthy mind without having a healthy body. The stress of school and staying up late often leads to unhealthy eating habits and strains the brain more than lack of sleep.

Other options:

  • Waking up early instead of staying up late

  • Taking 20 minute naps

  • If you must stay up, treat yourself the next morning with healthy breakfast or a coffee run

  • Have a healthy snack (ex: almonds, fruit) already next to you while studying/working for munching while working.

Sleepless nights can be made slightly more tolerable by caring for your body first. When your body feels better, your mind has the ability to follow and focus better. With no self-care your mind is more likely to want to quit.

-Empower your body in order to empower your mind-


In a binder or notebook, write out a small affirmation in the corner of a random page. Repeat with different affirmations as many times and pages as you need. While learning through the year you get small surprises! (Can also be done with sticky notes!)

Other Options:

  • Smile Journal- record the date and one reason you had to smile, or even one person you saw smiling and why.

  • Download an affirmation app! They are great and send small reassuring messages daily to get you through school!

School is a leading cause of stress , but taking a little time away benefits immensely. In the grand scheme of life, school ends up being a small portion of your time spent. Don’t succumb to the stress of school, love yourself first.

-Put your mental health over your GPA-

Being someone in school who struggles with anxiety, it’s hard to take my focus off school and place it on myself. The more I let go and put myself first, the easier it is to get through a school day and through full nights of homework. Caring for yourself as a student is something most adults wish they had done. They often say “I wish I had enjoyed school instead of stressing all the time.” You are only in school for part of your life, it’s your decision on how your mental state is the whole way through.

Take care of your body and your brain loves!

By @scoooppp

#SarahCooper #selfcare #student #school #learning #SelfLove #scoooppp

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