5 Ways Your 20s Read like an Astrological Forecast

Being in my late twenties has forced me to reflect on what I’ve experienced since entering this coveted age group. There’s been lots to be proud of and some things I wince at when I remember how I thought it was the worst thing to ever happen to me - can we say drama queen?! We all try to tackle our twenties like a football player, hoping to score a few touchdowns along the way. I’m grateful to be nearing the end with many wins and minimal losses that proved to not really be a loss at all. Here’s a glimpse of how ages 20-29 may look for you and some tips so you’re not going in blind.

Health & Wellness: During my whole adolescence up until I was 21, I had been slim, with a naturally tone body. I just knew I was going to stay this way forever, because it was the only size I’d ever known at the time. So, despite some warnings from people about my impending body changes, I kept eating any and everything I wanted. And then it happened…it was like I woke up one morning to jeans a size too small, a muffin top that was very present and breasts that were spilling out of my bra. I was in shock and no matter how many times I tried to diet and exercise, this curvy figure was here to stay. Then it hit me,

this is the body I was meant to have! I was a woman and I should embrace it-so I did, and you should too. It’s okay to have any type of body, just be brave enough to flaunt it. Eat the extra cookie if you want, wake up with the sun and work on your core muscles if that’s what you prefer. Just be good to yourself, love the vessel that houses your divine soul, and don’t you dare hide it!

Family & Friendships: Being twenty-something is hard enough, but the coming and going of people can be taxing. I lost so many friends and even some family members who made life more challenging. One of my longest friendships ended because we couldn’t befriend each other in ways that we both needed. Some family members who were making poor decisions for themselves still haven’t realized that is the reason I am no longer around. I strategically pick who will go on life’s journey with me. Don’t be afraid to let go of people who are toxic, even if you have an enormous amount of love for them. Nothing is more important than your sanity and happiness. Eventually, you attract those whose friendships add value to your life. My three closest friends are women who lit the way when darkness held me captive. The relatives I hold close are the ones who love me the way that I love them and of course, the little family I created.

Love & Relationships: Failed relationships are inevitable, no matter the age. I just know that in your twenties, there’s this spotlight on your love life like no other and you’ve placed it there. You might be caught between I’m single and this guy says he wants more but isn’t showing it. I will admit, it is seriously tough to be alone, but don’t stay just to say, “I’m not without someone.” I was dumped, and it left me sour about friends with long-lasting loves and of those who were becoming parents. I had to stop myself from feeling that way because it just isn’t right. I chose to remember that my time will come and that is just as true for you. I dated with a purpose and I didn’t stress about it. Even when a guy was great, if I just knew deep down this wasn’t going to work, I didn’t let him convince me otherwise. I made it fun, it allowed me to mentally note just what I was looking for in a partner and he appeared right when I had met so many “nopes.” It was like I willed him here with my optimism. It felt good to have that power and it made me strong. Once you do find someone worthy of your love, you’ll know it right away and you better jump without fear.

Career & Finances: I won't tell you to go to college, if that's not going to help you in life. If you believe in education, go all the way. Just do what you enjoy, and the stars will align for you to monetize whatever that may be. I am realizing this now and I took a leap of faith by leaving a job that I had tenure and security with to pursue talents I have always possessed and had hoped to nurture. Not even a week into abandoning career normalcy, I've found myself with opportunities from a few blogs to publish content with them. I'm also focusing on small projects that will continue to test my boundaries creatively and allow me to make a living in loving what I do. Don't you want that same peace? Then what are you waiting for?!

Self-love: is so important. I couldn't see it until my eyes were forced open when my last relationship ended. Then and only then did I love all over myself and it felt so damn good! I did everything alone because I had to, and it built confidence to never be afraid or embarrassed about being just that - alone. It was freeing, and the universe unloaded so many gifts in my life after I became comfortable with it just being me. I was given a love and family to call my own and a drive to pursue my passions. Take time to listen to your mind and heart without the interference of others and appreciate yourself in ways someone else can’t. I say all of this to say, enjoy your twenties. This is the stage of life for mistakes, discoveries, heartbreaks, more mistakes, rerouting the direction you are taking and ultimately finding yourself. By the time you are approaching 30, you'll look back and be proud of the life you’ve made and so sure of the path ahead.

Good luck, girl!

By: @unpasteurizedmilf Picture Credit: Pexels

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