Love is?

Love is not something that can ever be described; only when it happens will you know it to be true. When you feel loved, you are more powerful than you know. You can’t fake love, for love has no time for pretence. Love demands your soul, and it demands it in its entirety. Love is not self-centred; it is found in the echoes of vulnerability and courage. To give love is the most selfless act we can offer one another; it has the power to inspire when nothing else can. Love can breathe new light into the deepest darkest corners of our world. Love cannot be bought, traded or negotiated, so don’t abuse or overuse it. Love isn’t exclusive to two beings caught in a romantic whirlwind; it is more than that. When someone says they love you, don’t disregard it as if it is to be expected, for you insult the giver. Don’t search for love in another, be patient and wait for it to find you. Love can hurt in ways you never imagined, but don’t be afraid of love, for it is also the most magical and wondrous feeling in the world. Nurture a love for yourself, for no one can ever take that from you. It is yours and yours alone. Find love in what’s around you. Open your eyes and look up. Fill yourself with everyday wonders. Love is? Who knows, but when you feel it…when you REALLY feel it...pause, and breathe it in…fill your lungs with the beauty of a gift, that not everyone is so fortunate to receive.

By: @Jiggysplace

#love #soul #relationships #selflove #exclusive #feelings #breathe #gift

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