Why Cutting People Out of Our Lives is Not Always the Wrong Choice

''What will I study?''

''Which job offer will I accept?''

''Which kind of friends do I want to be associated with?'' ''Am I ready to leave things behind?''

In life we are faced with many decisions we have to make.

Decisions and choices that will shape us and ultimately our future.

They might be hard to make and might lead to midnight breakdowns but deep down, we know wether we took the right or wrong turn.

There's this saying:''We are who we surround ourselves with.''

People change people.

Sometimes for the good and other times not.

If a person, even if they are family or friends, has a negative influence on you, then you don't owe them to stay. The influence of others on you makes itself clear by the way you behave.

If there is a person in your life that treats you badly and makes you feel bad about the person you are, in any shape or form, it is N O T wrong to feel the need to disassociate yourself from them.

Friends and Family are not in your life so you feel awful about yourself.

They are the ones who should support you throughout life and hold you if you are in need.

They should not hold you back from yor full potential nor make you feel like your worth less.

It is not your fault if there is someone who makws you feel bad. You have every right to cut yourself off, Y O U come before anything and anyone else.

Do what you feel is right and follow your heart. in the long run you will be ultimately happier.

It is Y O U R life.

Y O U R future.

Y O U R feelings.

Y O U R health.

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