Empowered Women Support Each Other

Female empowerment has been more visible as time goes by, our goals and achievements have been given the right credit we deserve and which we were forbidden to receive some time ago. Women are being recognized more frequently for their accomplishments in politics, education, medicine, arts and business in most parts of the world. But there are still women out there still fighting to be acknowledged in other countries where standing up for women’s rights is prohibited. We’ve been able to stand up for ourselves and other women in different manifestations and campaigns such as Women’s March onJanuary 20th, which had an impressive number of protesters worldwide, the #MeToo campaign in which women were able to stand up for sexual assault and which has been famously known for putting many Hollywood stars and directors in a very tough situation. However, I'm not going to go into detail about the number of campaigns out there that women are fighting for worldwide. In fact, I want to use this space to bring to light some information of how we can stand by each other as women in everyday business and work activities.

As a business owner, I’ve been able to meet other women who, like myself, are trying stand out from the rest of the “competition” and who have helped me with their support and their own knowledge and skill sets. Some have helped me spreading the word about my services, as well as given me information and tips into what I can improve and what I can offer in my business. I believe that by working together and for each other can be rewarding for each person in their own field or business. It is gratifying when a little bit of help can significantly improve someone else’s business or work. It is very important to be aware that, if you are helping another woman out, it is not for any certain type of personal gain. What we should aim for is to help others with the good intention of collaborating and letting that woman be able to claim her own accomplishment. When you support other women in their businesses it inherently becomes a 'win win' situation. Supporting women owned business will offer validation for women in the working world, empower you to do more for your community through your brand and boost self confidence by offering uplifting support. There are different ways in which you can help another female-owned business, besides the usual passing along knowledge and information.


You can support other female-owned business by creating collaborations. Nowadays, there are millions of ways in which you can make collaborations with other business babes. Any scenario in which you and another business owner come together to work on another project would be a collaboration, some examples of this could be design collaborations, podcast guest, sponsored posts, guest blogging or even affiliate programs. Collaborations could really be anything that is mutually beneficial to both parties, and the ideas and ways in which you could do them are endless depending on the types of businesses that are coming together.

Passing along opportunities

Networking is essential as a business owner. It is important to have a group of ladies with complementary skills, as well as others that share your same passion. This could help tremendously whenever you don’t offer a certain type of service or in case you are too busy to help that customer out. Not only you pass along the information in which could benefit your business friend but also your reputation for exceptional customer service will be acknowledged.

Pool Resources

As I previously mentioned, it is important to network with other business owners. Let’s say you are an event coordinator, you can create different bundles for your customer with different services you can offer from other female entrepreneurs who have a passion in different fields. You can hire them as outsource for the design of the event invitations. Additionally, the woman that takes beautiful photos can be the event photographer, or even that female DJ that has a kickass music set. If you outsource other women you are helping them become more recognized for their passion.

Buy from her

This one is one of the best ways to help other women out there trying to pursue their dreams in having their own business. Support other ladies while also investing in your own. Hire that designer (ahem me!) which you’ve noticed some cool branding designs to elaborate your logo and stationery, or that girl that creates gorgeous customized printed shirts on Etsy. There is no better way to helping other female entrepreneur than buying their products.

Give credit in social media

Social media is so important nowadays, and we can purchase so many different products on it. If you purchased a cool mug from that female who designs them, let everyone know where you got it from. If you happened to get a beautiful hair-colour treatment or professional make up, give the ladies that amplified your already-present beauty a shout out. Let them get the credit they deserve for their business. You never know who might be interested in their products while they are scrolling through your account.

Hold meetings at other women owned shops

If you happen to be a freelancer and have a meeting with one of your clients, why not help a lady owned business? Look for bakeries or coffee shops owned by women and have your meeting there. Also you can create an event with other female owners to meet each other to network and discuss different ideas that benefit all of you.

As women we should only encourage each other to follow our passion and dreams, which in the long run could only benefit each other to create and maintain sustainable businesses. At the end of the day, the future starts with YOU. Be the kind of woman that constantly helps and stands up for other women. The only way we can all succeed as female bosses in our own fields and careers is by joining each other building one another instead of tearing us down. Nothing empowers a woman more than an empowered woman.

Written by: Julie Juliao

Picture Credit: Unsplash

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