A Letter to Myself

It’s difficult to find balance between your career, social and personal life.

I’m not saying it because I came out on the other side, but because I’m going through it right now.

At this moment.

It’s taken me a long time to accept that I’m almost always in a state of stress.

The funny thing is, you don’t feel it at the time.

I’m so used to the thoughts and the emotions weighing down on me that I don’t notice when I’m thinking them. They come out in the strangest forms. It can be an afternoon chocolate craving or a bitter reply in an argument.

I know the real problem. Yet I only focus on eliminating the side effects.

It would be great to say that I found a way out of it. Use A and follow B to get your perfect result of C!

But the fact is that I’m still struggling. Every time I try to recognize my source of stress and be more connected to my emotions, it seems that I’m further away to finding a solution.

One of my ways of finding a solution was to try a book of creative activities. They were designed to deal headfirst with any events that may be blocking your progress.

As I expected, it was tough. Surprisingly tough.

This particular activity was to write a letter to my childhood self, from present day.

The activity was an exercise of trust and positivity. The letter was meant to be words of encouragement before going through events that I had already faced.

It doesn’t seem all that daunting, but you’d be surprised at the memories that resurface in the beginning and how it changes your perspective in the end.

It felt strange and uncomfortable at the time, looking back through the events of my life. Even since, I’ve remembering moments that I’ve been trying to forget. The baggage we carry around without ever addressing is toxic.

I’m sharing my letter because I realized that it applies just as much to Present Me as it did to Past Me. I’m still the same soul and I will still have moments that define my growth as a person. The challenges of the past will be replaced with the challenges I face in the future. They will also be painful.

Through the pain, I’d like to take this letter with me. I will try to be just as nurturing and patient with that future self.

I will fail.

I will still keep this letter as reassurance.

Not to remind myself of that one time I conquered stress, but as a reminder that it’s okay not to.

It’s okay to feel frustrated, unmotivated, defeated and tired. Time will keep cycling through the challenges. Maybe the point of the exercise was not to find a way out, but to find a way through.

Here is the letter I wrote in its original form, without any changes or additions.

Dear Past Me,

You are a wonderful little lady. Full of energy and spirit. You eat well and you’re constantly enjoying the outdoors. Not causing too much trouble for Mommy and Daddy either!

Even though you find it easy to be positive now, it will not be as easy later on. You don’t have to worry. It will always be inside you, that energy and spirit, and it will flourish in the happiest of occasions.

Don’t be afraid of anything. Not an event, a person and certainly not the feelings inside you. As long as you remain yourself, nothing else matters.

The true you will make mistakes also. She’s not perfect. Let her keep moving forward anyway.

Don’t let it change your mood or your outlook on life.

In times where you feel lonely, remember that I love you most of all. That’s one thing that will never change.

I love you.

From, Present Me

Take a minute to think about the challenges you have gone through so far. What would you say to your past self?

By Jasman Sahota

Photo From: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/539939442820302278/

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