Bringing Your Shadow into the Light

Is there such a thing as self positivity?

I know body positivity is a big movement right now, but what about self positivity?

This actually started out as thoughts about body positivity.

I've been practicing hot yoga for 2 weeks now. Today in class I was both proud of how different my body looked and also disappointed with all the issues I saw and still want to fix. Then I realized, as I was thinking all these things, my body was being strong and easily taking me into poses that were difficult just a few weeks ago. My body is not as fit or healthy as it used to be but it's also not as weak and sick as it used to be. It's great to finally be moving forward again but that doesn't mean I need to shun my former body and shame it. I can accept it, love it, and move on.

Which made me think of that for myself too. Your soul, mind, whatever you want to call it; deserves the same type of respect that you demand for your body.

We've all made horrible mistakes and we've all done great deeds. As we move through life we are constantly changing from a better self to a worse self and back. Until hopefully one day we can find a balance and love and accept ourselves as we are.

I've been doing a lot of journaling and work to find the root causes of my shame and low self worth for both my body and my mistakes. I constantly try to forget or hide those moments. But what if we brought them to light? What if everybody brought their shadow into the light and saw that not only is it not that scary in the light but it practically disappears?

I think that would be truly magical. And that's what I'm working towards. Bringing my shadow out to stand next to my light. Accepting myself. Listening to the stories of the past and shining light into all that hurt and regret.

By: @girlmeetslex

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