Who is "House of Anesi"?

Recently, we sat down with the ladies behind House of Anesi, who want to make our customers lives easier. They've shared with that that they want to create a bra that fits their customers, rather than the typical bra where women are struggling to fit into over a lifetime. They have been working for three years on trying to create a bra that makes each lady feel like she belongs. Their small team of 7 people works very hard to make this dream Bra into a reality.

The small team of seven includes Stephania Stefanakou (CEO), Leen Taher (COO), Jacob John (CTO), Meg Sutherland (Designer and Production Assistant), Magdalena Kincaid (Graphic Designer/Illustrator), Noor Shehata (Writer), and Darnel Darby (Content Strategist & Copy Writer).

Stefanakou tells us they want the brand to accept women's' bodies as they are, and for the bra's themselves to have a fit that supports the natural shape of breasts. Anesi bra's and the brand is about "be who you are" and "be your best self".

Like Ethereal & Co., House of Anesi wants to empower women to feel like their "best selves", and create equality across the genders. When we sat down with them, they shared with us that the only way to get gender equality, is to go above and beyond what the rest of the world is doing.

And we can't agree more!

The Hackathon (engineering fashion hackathon) was where they originally came up with the idea, and they wanted to do something useful, and use the human factor. They began bouncing ideas back and fourth for about three days, and decided the bra industry is a market that hasn't been touched a lot.

Although they can't remember where at the hackathon they got the idea to engineer a bra like these, there is an obvious need for the product (a bra that fits people consistently). Boobs fluctuating in size, shape, and fullness is frustrating, and they knew they wanted to change that.

...because let's be honest, buying new bras constantly is ANNOYING.

Sure, the current trend of bralettes have helped a lot, but still wasn't an actual underwire *bra*.

The Anesi Bra will come in 8 different sizes, and 3 different types.

There will be the Full Coverage Bra, meant for specific breast shapes and will fit the fuller breasts. The next is the Demi Bra for different shapes, and will lift the breasts. Lastly, is the Plunge for smaller breasts, which will only come in 4-5 sizes, unlike the other two which will come in all eight sizes.

Both Taher (right) and Stefanakou (left) have major inspirations, who have taught them about the journey as being young, female entrepreneurs.

When we asked Taher who inspires her, this is what she said:

"Casey Nesitat. He has this concept of "do more", and is always creating and always doing. I always doubt myself, but he makes you feel like taking a risk is okay. His story was that he had a passion (he was a dish-boy origninally), and he says "free time is the enemy of success". I also look up to Gary Vandershak. He's raw and doesn't filter his thoughts. His take on digital marketing and where we as a society are going. Lastly, my Mom is someone I respect as a woman. She is such a smart and hard worker. She dropped her successful career to move to Canada, and takes any challenge and flips it into something incredible."

We also asked Stefanakou, who replied with the following:

"Ahh, Sophia Amoruso. It's cheesy - she's such a badass. She came from no background, and she proved to the world that you don't need a background to build an empire. The "Girlboss" book was amazing, but it's awesome that she failed her first company, and said f*ck it and then built a totally new bigger and better company. She admits all her mistakes, and improves on them. On a smaller scale, I also have to say my Great Grandma. She raised me back in Greece (pre 2012), while my mom was in Canada. She had 3 kids to take care of, had breast cancer and a sick husband. I never realized what cancer really was because she made cancer *fun*. She then got ovarian cancer as well, but she never showed sadness, she filtered that from us. She continued to dance, take care of family and love every one. The cancer then went to her lungs, but she kept going. When I graduated from high school and moved here, she had gotten brain cancer and passed away. This lady had cancer for 10 years and continued to be positive and strong. It makes me realize that startup pressures are nothing in comparison."

With these inspirations in mind, both ladies have major goals for the future of House of Anesi. They hope to get into the beauty industry and eventually work on some loungewear, but all while including the tech aspect. They aspire to create many products that makes every individual happy in their own bodies.

To learn more about their brand and the future of bras, go to their website.

You can also stay tuned on their Instagram for announcements on product launches.

Cover Image from www.ausrababiedaite.com

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