5 Ways to Self Care When You're on a Budget

We all know that self-care can be pricey. The deep tissue massage, the fancy face moisturizers and trendy workout classes can really add up. That’s great if you can afford it, but unfortunately, a handful of us don’t have that extra cash laying around to be in constant zen. I’ve found a few things that have really helped me and most of them don’t cost me anything.

1. Candles

My #1 self-care tip is candles and lots of them! You can find candles pretty much at any store for a few dollars each. Candles create a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home and add a touch of luxury to your space.

2. Bath

Taking a bath is one of the most relaxing things to do after a long day. I like to use Epsom Salts because I can get a large bag that lasts me forever and they are extremely beneficial for aches and pains. Don’t forget to bring your candles and favorite book!

3. Jade Face Roller

If you follow any beauty bloggers you know that everyone uses a Jade Face Roller to increase blood circulation and diminish the appearance of fine lines. I always wanted one but was shocked at the high price tag! Fortunately, my favorite blogger Chriselle Lim wrote a post about Jade Face Rollers and how she found one on Amazon for less than $10. I immediately bought it and have been hooked ever since! This is a great way to wake up your face and feel ready for the day.

4. Journal

Journaling has gotten me through good times, bad times and times when I just want to write. It helps me release the thoughts from my mind and put them on to paper. I journal in the bath, in my bed, on the plane, literally everywhere! These little books are pretty cheap and can bring so much clarity for you and your thoughts.

5. Online Work-Out Classes

Gym memberships and boutique fitness classes are extremely expensive. It’s become a luxury for me to take a fitness class a few times a week because of my budget. There are so many free work-out classes on YouTube or through personal trainers’ websites. You can pretty much google any type of work-out you are looking for and find it for free on the interweb.

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