Do It For The 'Gram

Social media, specifically Instagram, has a bad reputation for being an unhealthy hub of unrealistic models drinking detox teas and eating hair-enhancing gummy bears. While I am not saying such users do not exist, I wanted to reassure you that there are all kinds of Instagrammers.

To take it a step further, I wanted to reassure you that Instagram can be a good - if not healthy thing.

While I am one person, thus, I am not representative of social media, I hope this article makes you think twice before making a harsh, overgeneralized judgement of any platform.

As a fashion and beauty blogger with a specific sense of aesthetics, I spend an awful amount of time on Instagram. I tend to joke and say, “I would not have an Instagram if I was not a blogger,” when I share my handle. That is because a lot of the things I do is for Instagram. Without Instagram as my driving force, I would have missed a lot of opportunities due to my to my social anxiety.

I first got into blogging because it was something I can do in solitary. I did not have to leave my room - I took my pictures, edited, and wrote everything on my own in the comfort of my safe space. Little did I know, blogging tested my comfort zone as I slowly but surely pushed my boundaries as I pushed myself out into the public.

From an introverted, shy gal restricted to her four walls to posing in the streets of the capital of California - Instagram has played a huge part of instilling confidence in me in order to combat social anxiety as I work towards my mental health.

Do it for the ‘gram. Most of my collaborations derived from Instagram. I first met most of my photographers and blogging friends on Instagram. From complete strangers to now-friends, I have made art with others as we shared our respective art with one another. I learned so much from those who took a chance on me, and I had the pleasure of passing on such knowledge to those who were eager to learn. From complete strangers to now-friends, I have traveled to different places to strengthen URL connections IRL. It is wild how small this big world can be for me to travel out to the urban city and suburban farmland in one trip on my own to meet different people. From complete strangers to now-friends, I have found mental support from users from afar. Companies like Ethereal and Co., for example, have brought together such strong women voices and being apart of this humbling platform was made possible by Instagram.

Photos by @mateo.fotography (who I met through Instagram).

By @diemberly

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