It's Mercury Retrograde!

If you are into astrology you know this is a period when a lot of people are freaking out.

While it is true that there is a lot of miscommunication during this period that does not mean that it's a time to hibernate and be scared of everything!

But it should be a time to hibernate and dive into self care. Especially in this 1st week of retrograde. It is all about relaxing, reflecting, and renewing.

This period is about number one, YOU. Take care of yourself in the ways you need the most! Anything that you can put a re in front of; do it! If you have old projects that you never finished, it's time to reflect on them again. You can go back and think about old relationship. Why did they end? What were you not getting out of it? And what does that mean you want from now on? You can clean out your entire home. You can delete old emails you don't want anymore. Take salt baths. Watch old favourite movies.

Anything and everything that is all about self love and growth is a definite hell yes this week! I'm such a big fan of this and have already been spending intentional nights alone at home to reflect in my journal, refresh with some tea, and reorganize my closet. It has been so reenergizing! (See what I did there?)

So instead of thinking of this as a scary time you need to run away from, think of it as the perfect excuse to have ME time every day for a week! You do you, girl! And the universe will reward you.

Let me know how you're refreshing with retrograde over at @girlmeetslex on Instagram!

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