A Feminists Guide to Self-Promotion in the Workplace

I’ve always been that girl who truly feels that each girl can have the world at the palm of her hands. I believe that as individuals, male or female, each person is responsible for leaving his/her life in a way that will speak to the kind of person he/she is as an individual.

I’ve never understood the notion that as females, we ask to be taken advantage of because of the way we choose to dress. In a way, its as if society views a female’s clothing as a form of self-promotion. One that, unfortunately, gets lost in translation and becomes portrayed in a negative way. We as females have been created to be equal to our male counterparts. Just as a female chooses the type of attire she puts on for the day, males also choose the decisions and actions they pose on a day to day basis.

One place, however, where females have full power and freedom to utilize and embrace self-promotion is in the workplace. One thing about evolvement and things progressing with time is that the role women play in the workplace, today, had changed dramatically from out grandparents and even parents’ time. Today, there are girl bosses and girl CEOs seen through out all sorts of companies. #GirlPower

I believe that there can be a stigma, which still lingers around, that the head of a company should only be a male and that females are more suited for positions such as secretaries, Pas, or even administrative assistant. However, all the girl power movements and other pushes for gender equality has enabled women to step onto a platform which could have only been dreamed of.

I always love seeing a particular Secret (deodorant) commercial on TV, which clearly aims to spread the message of girl power and gender equality. Although the females are depicted being nervous to attend a meeting and represent themselves, which plays into the notion that women should not even be expected to speak for themselves and to seek higher positions in companies, the important thing to focus on here is the boldness and courage of this business woman who is in fact doing what women of 10 even 20 years ago would not have thought to do.

The wonderful thing about today’s time, is that skills and assets speak more than one’s gender does when it comes to landing that dream job or moving up to a higher position in a company. The female’s guide to self-promotion is just that simple, knowing that her skills and what she brings to the table are far more valuable and important than the gender she happens to be. This shift has afforded strong, fearless, and driven women the freedom to go for that dream job or to shoot for that next position; which is absolutely amazing!

By @onemodernmomma

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