Read This When You Feel Like Your Body is Failing You

I get you. You’re a doer – you have a larger vision for life and you’re not scared to work hard to get there. You can find a workaround to almost anything. In fact, you’re probably thinking of some examples as you’re reading this very sentence.

Some days you feel absolutely invincible and it’s true - you’re fucking slaying it - anything is possible and you are giddy with excitement. You can see your future.

You’re reaching out to claim it.

…..and then it hits.

Your body won’t have it and your energy is gone. You’ve hit the wall – you’re past your body’s threshold. You feel betrayed by your own flesh. It’s like a punch in the face but worse, because it’s your own fist doing the knuckle-duster punching. Your body is failing you and no amount of hustle or grind will get you through.

You think tomorrow will be better. Sometimes it is…and sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes you push through it, and it works. Other times you push through it, and end up paying the price days later. You try to make systems, implement plans and strategize because even though your body is saying, “I can’t” your mind is saying, “watch me” and so the internal battle rages on.

You’re disappointed, frustrated and frankly confused. You don’t know what to do next; those damn quotes about hustling don’t mention chronic illnesses. In fact, no one is really talking about it. Maybe it’s because invisible illness is not instagramable.

Still you push on and keep on coming back to one question: “Am I doing too much or not enough?” And the answer is: you will never know. All you can do is give your body time.


It’s the finite resource that’s supposed to

fuel your ambitions; yet now you’re forced to share it with your body too, and in the moment it all seems extremely unfair.

The struggle feels never ending.

But it isn’t always going to be this way – as temporary as the good days are, so are the bad days. You keep on trying and when that good day comes around you’re able to leverage it to the max. Why? Because you have a unique intuitive understanding of your body. I’m not saying those bad days won’t be shit, but don’t give them the power to make you feel helpless.

Next time you feel like your body is failing you remember that:

1. You are more than your flesh and bones

2. Constraints breed true innovation – solutions cannot exist without problems.

By @life_of_design

#natanamayer #body #doer #failing #mentalhealth #mentalillness #eatingdisorder #confidence #flesh #bones #time #struggle #illness

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