Self-Care When You Hit Rock Bottom

Mental illnesses, especially depression and anxiety, can really bog you down. There are good days and bad days, but what do you do when you’re in a low? Everyone always says to shower or make dinner or exercise, but what if you can’t do those things right now? Here are some self-care tips from someone who has hit rock bottom.

1. Shower

While a shower can feel so good, sometimes it is just too much right now. Try using dry shampoo and baby wipes. Spritz your hair with dry shampoo and comb it through. This will leave your hair smelling clean and fresh while being oil free. Wipe your body down with baby wipes. Even if it’s just your face and arms, this will get the top layer of grime off your skin. Spritz some of your favorite perfume or body spray on your chest and wrists for a calming, “normal” feeling.

2. Freshen Up

Can’t brush your teeth? Quickly rinse with some mouthwash or chew some peppermint gum. Need to remove makeup? Use a baby wipe to get most of it off. Don’t stress about not doing your whole skin care routine, the small things matter. Can’t brush your hair? Put it up with a hair tie and some bobby pins.

3. Eat

When the task of cooking a meal seems way to daunting, there are other options to make sure you stay nourished. Make something quick and easy like a frozen dinner, or grab some fruit and a granola bar. If even that is too much right now, order take out or ask a friend/family member to bring you something. If eating food is just not happening, try to at least drink some water.

4. Sleep

Can’t sleep even though you are beyond exhausted? Get comfy in bed, dim the lighting, and try listening to some soothing music or watching something that you find calming. If you still can’t sleep, this kind of environment will at least be peaceful.

5. Get “Outdoors”

Crack a window for some fresh air and open the blinds to allow some natural light in. Maybe try just looking out of a window. You’ll get the feeling of being outside without having to change out of your comfy clothes or leave your bed. If you don’t have a good view or the weather is bad, try watching a nature documentary or listening to nature sounds.

6. Move Your Body

Even if that’s doing simple stretches on your bed, going for a walk around your home, or just sitting up for a while after laying down, get your body moving. Every little bit helps.

Don’t let your emotional turmoil destroy your physical self. You’re in a low now and you might be in one again in the future, but you will continue to survive. Self-care doesn’t have to be viewed as living your best life or pampering yourself. Sometimes it’s just about surviving.

By: @shantilly_13

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