We use our voices

We use our filters, hashtags, and followers

We remember our heroes.

We remember the ones we lost

We remember who we are and who

We want to be.

We put a filter

On Flanders Fields and remind our

Friends that we’re louder and

Prouder than any closet.

We create communities.

Are hashtags forms of

Self-expression or are

They newer forms of

Old oppressions

Free speech

Hate speech

Like it

Tweet it

Block it

Hate it




We give up our

Privacy in the name of

Self-expression we’re the

Leading generation in this

New form of aggression

No one came Before us

In this ocean of information

How are we supposed to avoid

Our own


We speak up for what

We believe in

Without hesitation

We don’t settle for less.

Creating a new

Democratic nation.

We will not wrap up our

Protests in a neat little bow

We will not seal it with wax

Like they did long ago.

Maybe the risk is too much

Maybe we cannot afford it

But when all’s said and done

Damn right I support it.

By: @allygeist

#allygeist #allygeist #hashtag #poem #poetry #slampoem #art #writingwriter #daughterofthevote #blacklivesmatter #metoo #imwithher #lestweforget #vegasstrong #filter

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