What If I Want to Be Mediocre?

What if all I want is a peaceful, “normal”, simple life? There is so much content out there telling you to hustle, improve, build, grow, strive, compete and be more. There are social media pages and groups dedicated to making you “girl boss” or “boss babe”. There are countless workshops and seminars telling you that they can make you the best, help you dominate your field, and make you an entrepreneur. But what if I don’t want any of that?

What if my life goal is to work for someone as a psychologist and own a modest home in a small town with a big dog? Will my parents be proud? Will my education be worth it? Am I contributing enough to society?

What if my contribution to the world is volunteering once a week at an animal shelter and donating $1

at the checkout at my grocery store to a children’s charity? Does that make me fake? A wannabe? Does that mean I’ll never change the world for the better? What if I choose not to have children? What if I want to focus my energy on travelling and spoiling my pets? Does that make me less of a women? A bad wife? Am I a terrible person for not wanting to create, shape and raise little persons of my own?

Contrary to what people have said and will say about me, I am not dimming my own spark. I simply

know what I want, and being a woman owning her own business with a 6-figure income, stressed to the max, with no time or energy to have hobbies or explore the world because I’m too busy keeping up the house, being a boss babe and raising children, is not how I envision my future.

If that is something you want, that’s amazing! I will never talk down to someone who has different goals or walks a different path. I just don’t want to feel like I’m less. I don’t want to be told I’m not living to my full potential or that I wasted my life.

I want to embrace who I am and my flaws and limitations. I want a mediocre life. A life filled with free time, adventure, love, happiness and feeling whole. I want my life, not the life society says I should I have.

"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.." - Harvey Fierstein

By: @shantilly_13

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